If with the first outings you begin to notice discomfort in the knees, or after all day you see that the pain in this area of ​​the body prevents you from going to bed relaxed, it is a signal from the body to take action. On the one hand, prevention to relieve knee pain, but we will also have to go to our doctor who will prescribe the best treatment if the pain persists.

Meanwhile, we bring you a few tips to alleviate this discomfort:

A cushion: This tip is very useful for people who already suffer from osteoarthritis. During the night they notice how the knees "dig in" between them. Given this, in pharmacies, there are orthopedic cushions available that prevent friction.

Cold or heat: Depending on the moment one or the other will be the ideal answer. If the knee is hot or red, we will take some ice and with a cloth, we will place it in the area to reduce internal swelling. If, on the other hand, the knee is not stiff, it will be necessary to apply heat with a damp cloth or an electric blanket, for example. This simple exercise can be repeated twice a day, but no more than 20 minutes.

Take care of your intestines: At first, it was thought that people who were overweight suffered from arthrosis due to the impact of the kilos on the knees. But recent studies have discovered another reason: bacteria in the intestines. Having harmful bacteria in this organ of the body can lead to joint inflammation and wear and tear. So that this is not a worrying factor, probiotics (yogurt and fermented dairy products) and prebiotics must be added to the diet.

Self- massage: This massage will focus on the quadriceps. The quadriceps femoris muscle has an important function on the knee, that of extending and flexing it. When this muscle is overloaded, the knee becomes unstable and fails.

Broccoli and onion: These foods, cheap and present in the Mediterranean diet, are prebiotics high in fiber. By including them in the daily diet we will help to improve the intestinal microbiota. Thus helping to reduce internal inflammation.

Footwear: Many people take into account the type of heel or toe of the shoe, as well as its aesthetics when buying it. But usually, we do not look at another aspect: its weight. If you are heavy, your knees will have to put in the extra effort each time you lift and bend your leg.

Vitamins C, E, and D: They are responsible for stopping the premature oxidation of tissues, which seems to be behind the wear of the joints. For this reason, eat plenty of fresh fruit, fish, eggs, spinach, nuts, almonds, and various seeds.

The tips we recommend on daradia.com to help prevent knee pain. Take them into account if with the first exits you notice discomfort. And if you already suffer from osteoarthritis, it will be the doctor who sets the treatment guideline, but these ideas can also help to relieve pain.

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From good posture and regular exercise, to picking the right shoes and strength training, here's how to have healthy knees and avoid injury.