The summer months usually bring the opportunity for a vacation to an exciting, or perhaps simply relaxing, destination. Have you made the annual visit to your parents who live on the other side of the country? Is there a particular beach house that you rent with your family every year with the same reliable crab shack being your dinner location of choice? Maybe this is the summer that you take your kids to experience Disney World for the first time. Whatever your plans may be, you likely made a list of the appropriate luggage to pack for your journey. And, if your car is headed in the direction of the cool air of the mountains, you probably don’t need to pack three pairs of flip-flops and your smallest bikini. You would be wasting space in your suitcase if you emptied these items out of your closet. What if we take this situation and replace the physical items with emotional ones? What are you carrying around in the luggage of your brain that is not necessary to move forward with your life?

We often hear the phrase “she’s got so much baggage.” We use those words to refer to a person who always seems to be dragged down with an emotional problem or proves incapable of getting along with others in a healthy relationship. Sometimes, we casually joke about baggage simply concerning a person we do not like. However, please know that old baggage is a very real problem and no laughing matter. There are ten primary obstacles that can develop during our childhood, including jealousy, self-esteem issues, guilt, and fear. The effects of these early problems will continue into our adulthood unless we take steps to remove their power. Would you like to get rid of some luggage that is weighing you down day after day?

If you are tired of doubting your worth or always comparing your shortcomings to the more admirable qualities in others, it is time to consider a new way to change your life. By unlocking the power of your unconscious mind, you can work through each piece of your luggage and toss the items that are no longer (or likely have never) worked for the betterment of your soul. Most of us go our entire lives without tapping into the complexities of our unconscious mind, the area of our brain that captures the early thoughts that are handed to us in our youth. When you open this part of our mind, you can retrain your thoughts to disregard the unpleasant falsehoods that others used to weight you down. You no longer will believe that you are not worthy or live with the unnecessary guilt that has prevented you from experiencing all of the richness around you.

Your unconscious mind can be reached through the simple and effective relaxation techniques that I share in my new book 'The Anja Technique'. You will learn how to address each of life’s obstacles in a specific manner and practice statements of validation that will build you up and render the old problems obsolete.

I hope you will try 'The Anja Technique' and start to unpack that baggage that does nothing but weigh you down from reaching true happiness in your life.

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Shayn Cutino is a Holistic Health Practitioner and Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist. Her new book, The Anja Technique, teaches a step-by-step technique towards achieving self-love and a more positive life. For more information, please visit