Summer always seems to slip away. This year in Toronto, summer never really arrived and now it seems to be over. So last Sunday, I decided to celebrate the season with a brief interlude – to make a clean break from the incessant busyness that fills my week and spend the day with a dear friend.

We made our first visit to a private yacht club, located on a small island facing the city skyline and enjoyed an easy, breezy lunch on the veranda of the historic clubhouse that overlooks a lawn bowling green. We could have been on location for a PBS series!

julia707 julia711

The afternoon was hot and hazy, and after a boat ride back across the harbour, we decided to cool off with a movie. Julie & Julia was the one and only contender. Superb.

As most of you know, my blog is generally business-related, but the content of this wonderful movie inspired me to share some personal details. If you’ve seen the movie you probably understand the connection – and my motivation.

I grew up in Montreal, French is my mother tongue – and I love to cook! Although I always enjoyed the luxury of a large kitchen, when my husband and I moved to our downtown Toronto condo, I found myself cooking in a much smaller space. Just like Julie, I’ve learned to manage in my little kitchen and now turn out wonderful feasts for family and friends.

Of course, I checked out Julie’s blog and am in awe of her high energy, resilience and enthusiasm. She juggled her government job, her self-imposed, ambitious cooking schedule and her blog. Much as she longed to meet Julia Child, now I’ve joined the throng waiting to meet Julie Powell.

Read Julie’s blog

Watch Julia Child, The French Chef, in her original TV shows


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