Usually, people come in for acupuncture when they have a specific health problem they want to tackle. Only rarely does someone come in just to see how acupuncture can help them stay well, but the truth is that acupuncture is at its best when used as a tool to prevent illness and maintain wellness.

I recommend that my patients consider an "acupuncture tune-up" once a month, just as you might have a massage to keep your muscles loose or a chiropractic treatment to maintain spinal health. I find it especially important for patients to come in at the change of seasons. As light and temperature change, your body becomes preoccupied with adapting to that change, and you are more likely to experience the symptoms of imbalance: increased susceptibility to colds, trouble sleeping or waking, decreased energy levels, irregular periods, depression or anxiety.

Regular acupuncture treatments give your body the gift of improved blood circulation, an hour of deep relaxation, and a gentle prompt to adjust body temperature, blood pressure, immune system performance and other autonomic/involuntary processes. If any health issues have come up since your last visit, we can begin addressing them, if you have any health-related questions, we can help you find the answers.

Most of us don't think about our bodies as hardworking machines that need regular maintenance, but they are and they do. Unlike our cars, we can't trade our bodies in when they stop working for us. We many years to live in our bodies and many miles to walk in them--doesn't it make sense to take care of them?

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Author's Bio: 

Christina Wolf is a Licensed Acupuncturist in Peterborough and Londonderry, NH with ten years of experience. She specializes in the treatment of pain, women's health issues and fertility.