The battle between Lord Ram and demon Ravan took place for 2 months. After this what happened to the monkeys, bears etc who were brought from Mount Rishi Mukh? After building the bridge did Nal-Neel retire with pension? Were Bharat and Lakshman relegated to merely fanning Lord Ram? No, definitely not! They were all immersed in creative activities and were making plans for return of the Golden Era. Lord Krishna’s friends, the Gopas who helped the former lift the Govardhan Mountain did not go on a holiday. The Mahabharat War too ended in about 2 months. After this, what did everyone do? The answer is that gigantic efforts under the guidance of King Parikshit were made to reinstate apt management. This is also what monkeys, bears etc did.

Lord Buddha who roamed entire India and built Sanghas did so for about 30 years. After this thousands of Buddha followers did not just vanish like that. After being released from prison Satyagraha and Sarvodaya members took part in creative activities. The writing method of historians is such that they describe only the pomp of marriage ceremony and nothing after that. After marriage what took place between the 2 families, they do not bother to describe. Despite this it must not be believed that the initial fights and wars are the be all and end all of everything. More important is what happens afterwards and how creative tasks were executed later.

A seed is sown in one day. People find an auspicious time to do so but forget that till the harvest actually blooms lots of work is required. But so what? Let those who write about this do so in their own way but facts will remain facts. An operation may take 1 hour but it takes a long time to bandage and heal the wound.

Over here we are talking about subtlizing the psyche. Only one aspect is in my responsibility realm. I have only that much capacity and time span that is required to remove a car from an eddy and bring it back on the road. But this does not mean that nothing more needs to be done after that. Whatever needs to be done is as important as what is to be done to a patient after he/she has undergone an operation of 1 hour. Multifaceted creation is more difficult than destroying something. A few people have used many expensive and laborious methods to lead astray and create downfall of world society and that bad habits and addictions have become a part and parcel of daily living. Now not only will efforts be made to induce them to give up these taints but that a new arrangement will have to be made to ensure cultured behavior based on ethics and values.

I have 2 types of working methods. One is a shield and the other is a sword. With one I protect myself and with the other I attack unwholesome things. These days the task of attack seems big visibly because it has created problems of life and death. Destruction is at its peak. If it were to be allowed to play out for even a short time span there would not remain even a clue of civilization and nature that has existed for millions of years. The downfall of earth would be akin to a graveyard and one would see skulls and ghosts dancing everywhere. Bullets will have to be aimed at the production centers of destruction so that before world annihilation sets in they mend their ways and will not spread terror which they arrogantly vouch to do. This is one task to be fulfilled. This is my responsibility. After subtilizing the psyche I have faith that it is possible to design Indra’s thunderbolt which was Dadhichi’s blessings and can thus shatter demon Vritrasura’s ego. I have faith that River Ganges will manifest on earth to appease its thirst for peace and progress and will thus bestow serenity on it. In this will be at work some Bhagiratha’s austerities.

The other aspect is like nurturing a nursery of plants. In future this very earth has to be made heaven like. The broken chains of human glory need to be aptly repaired. What we have lost must be duly regained. Hence on this very earth we must grow the Nandan forest and Kalpavriksha or the wish fulfilling tree. Arrangements must be made along side. No doubt the factory that produces guns, bullets etc must be looked after well (to overcome unwholesome trends) but along with this a huge nursery needs to be set up so as to usher in heaven on earth.

In the Parshuram tradition this is exactly what had happened. Once he had cut off the heads of terrorists and thus the earth was freed from the wiles of unwholesome thinkers. He fulfilled the goal of brain washing and thought based revolution. Immediately after this he threw his axe in Ganga Sagar and picked up a new weapon. In this manner he sowed seeds for new gardens with fruits to bloom and also instilled a zeal for neo creation. Due to his endeavor there was greenery everywhere. People were amazed to see these activities of his which seemed as though they were opposing in nature. In war is required valor, daring and other means. But for neo creation thousand fold more intelligence, alertness and means are required. There let the names of generals be printed in bold letters everywhere but in reality the credit goes to those small time engineers who designed programs for neo creation and with zeal succeeded in doing so.

On hospital tables one finds scissors, knives etc neatly arranged but very nearby are needles, threads, cotton, gauze etc to sew and heal operated areas. Else if only cutting with knife was done the task would be incomplete. And in fact if healing does not take place more problems can crop up.

I have to make arrangements for both tasks. By contacting divine powers arrangements have to be made to aim fist blows against terrorist activities so that in future they dare not raise their hoods again. For this I desire the help of seniors and capable people and this is exactly being done. I am already getting some help from them and have faith that what is lacking will be fulfilled duly. In the near future the bugle of great destruction in every arena has been sounded. Those who are witnessing these situations maintain that a gigantic destruction is set to occur.

Despite this what I am predicting is very different from what others opine. I maintain that not only will the world continue to exist but that it will do so in a very befitting and grand manner. Those who have interest in these matters may note my prediction. Small wars will take place in a few regions here and there. Despite this a gigantic downfall will not occur wherein entire world humanity faces great danger.

Apart from this the other aspect deals with neo creation. For that, a tube well needs to be dug, generator has to be set up and a plant nursery has to be nurtured. A go-down of seeds has to be gathered. Tractors need to be bought and every mean has to be bought so that a green harvest ensues. What could be these means? Where could they be? The answer is only one and that is that right till the end my gathered spiritual wealth will help fulfill our task. By gathered wealth I mean the International Gayatri Family that has been formed. Amongst them majority seem tiny and low. Their capacity and credentials do not seem up to the mark and yet we must have faith that these tiny saplings will grow into huge green trees. Thus the garden will bloom with greenery everywhere. Today’s small calves will in future plough fields and pull chariots. Everyone’s children are initially unruly. Where do they have wisdom? Yet they appear so sweet and beautiful. Their crazy behavior is so pleasing. On their lips shines a bright future. It will not be an overstatement if we say that the same holds true for All World Gayatri Family. Amongst them mighty Hanuman and Angads are few in number but if we delve deeper this family oozes with Jatayu, Shabari, Kevat and the squirrel who bloom forth with devotion. Despite being small in stature one must have faith in their prowess.

These days I am focusing in 3 directions. One is in my own direction wherein via subtilizing the psyche I am attaining a very high spiritual stature. In these difficult tests I must pass with flying colors else the bullet will not pierce its target and I will be mocked at by everyone.

The second one is to understand world problems, gather cooperation of highly intellectual people of various fields of the world and shower bullets on those centers of the world which are out to destroy everything. All these activities are of the subtle world. I am not carrying a flag with me in the gross world to shower bullets and cannons literally speaking.

The 3rd endeavor is to see to it that those amongst the All World Gayatri Family who are devoted to the mission do not weaken their efforts after I give up my physical body. I will see to it that their zeal does not fritter away and will nurture the saplings of the nursery to lead them to such growth that later they will grow into full blown trees that will benefit the world.

Amongst the above 3 programs none is less important. Making use of merely one of them will not fulfill the desired goal. Along with this it is definite that even one of them cannot be looked upon as less important and thus ignored. I am alertly doing whatever I can to fulfill these 3 goals. Under such circumstances if I cannot meet people, if I cannot affectionately bless devotees and instead live in seclusion I request everyone to forgive me even if I appear egoistic, selfish and that my action is disliked by all. I have full faith in the sacred intellect of Gayatri Family members and that by keeping in mind the high stature fruits of my spiritual practice they will whole heartedly cooperate with me.

During times of austerities in seclusion and while writing based on Yoga practices I remember what Yogiraj Shri Aurobindo said. These he had uttered while performing secluded penance when India was fighting for political freedom. I will quote him over here:

“That great and gigantic India which should have become powerful and should have played a major role in Era Transformation is undergoing sorrow. What exactly is its sorrow? Definitely there is a flaw and something living is missing. We have everything yet we are devoid of energy and power. We have given up worshipping divine energy. Divine Mother is neither in our hearts, in our brains nor in our arms. Under the aegis of rejuvenating this gigantic nation so many efforts were made, so many movements were organized in all fields like religion, social, political etc but always ill fate was our lot. Our beginnings are great. Yet no results accrue and no immediate fruits are witnessed. We do not lack in wisdom. High stature personality of wisdom has been born in this country. Yet this wisdom is corpse like and is like a slow poison that is killing us. Wisdom is incomplete without divine energy and soul power. Devotion and zest no doubt are laudable. Yet the flame of devotion requires divine energy. When a healthy character is lit by wisdom, is disciplined by action and conjoins to Cosmic Energy one becomes capable of attaining God’s grace. If we think deeply we will realize that first and foremost we need energy and it is none other than soul power, high stature spiritual energy. Without this we are lame, India is lame and the world is handicapped. India will again have to attain this Divine Energy, it will have to be reborn again because the world’s radiant future is dependent on it. Amongst world humanity it is in the destiny of India to attain highest grace which will benefit the entire world. For devotion to this energy again and again great people have incarnated. Under this aegis if I was chosen for making lone efforts it shall definitely be my greatest good fortune”.

In reality via this writing of Yogiraj Shri Aurobindo written around the year 1905 it becomes clear that he so much desired a bright future for India. This very inner inspiration, the command from the divine subtle world forced him to stop working as a revolutionary for India’s political freedom and instead was asked to do secluded penance for heating up the subtle atmosphere. It will not be an overstatement to say that my subtlizing the psyche based seclusion too is along these lines. I hope Gayatri Family members will seriously take note of this.

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