Everyone seems to want something more than they currently have. Whether it is a better relationship, a career, or just plain old money, we tend to seek and attain beyond what we have at the moment. This is just as it should be. We came to this physical reality to experience and to co-create. We are a team with the Universe. When we get something that we want we then move on to something else. There is nothing wrong with that. It's what we all do, but having thoughts of abundance and creating through positive thought can bring you what you truly want in your life.

As humans we search for happiness. We believe physical things will bring us happiness, or a perfect soul mate will deliver the happiness we seek. The truth of the matter is that in order to be happy, you have to start from within yourself. It is you, and only you, who can provide your happiness. Others can enhance it but finding and keeping happiness is all within you.

When creating the world that you desire it takes a complete overhaul of thought. It takes shifting your focus to a better feeling than what you perhaps are experiencing now. When you create through thought you begin with the idea and then envision what it must be like to have what you want. You begin envisioning abundance no matter what form it takes and you begin to shift your focus to recognize abundance everywhere. By recognizing abundance within your world ? and focusing on that feeling ? you will create vibrations of abundance.

Look for abundant relationships around you; people who are abundant in their positive feelings for their career. Seek abundance in the trees or in the vast amount of cars going down the road. Search out abundant thoughts. If your physical reality is one based in lack, begin to change your thought patterns to reflect abundance in all areas. Then start searching out what makes you happy.

Think about what in your life right now makes you happy. If you are unhappy, start with small steps. Find something within your world that makes you happy and dwell on that for a while. Create happiness. By shifting your focus to abundant thought and to thoughts of happiness you are in fact creating a future.

Become focused on the positive side of everything. Make it your mission to search out the good. Imagine and relish the feelings of the life you want as you go about your daily life creating ever more abundance and happiness in your thoughts and feelings. As you feel better and better, and keep that focus going, your life will begin to take on a different tone. You will have changed your own repetitive mental patterns of lack in every area of your life and will be living the life you truly desire. All it takes is you and your thoughts. You have it all within your own reach. Create your reality through positive thought. Give in to the emotions of joy and happiness and be excited for each day to come so that you can create another new day.

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Beth and Lee McCain are two of the most prolific authors on the subject of the Law of Attraction, also known as The Secret. In addition to three books they have co-authored on the Law of Attraction, the happily married couple host a popular nationally syndicated weekly radio show called Radio LOA, publish the national LOA magazine, The Indicator, and teach the principles of the Law of Attraction at gatherings and seminars around the world. You are invited to visit http://www.bethandleemccain.com for more Law of Attraction and positive thought information and free study materials.