Being overweight has a lot of effects on us. From losing confidence when facing life’s situations to having major health complications, overweight is one thing that you have to get rid of as much as you can. There is a very big difference between being big, and being overweight. It all depends on your overall BMR. What we eat is what we become. Most of our body complications are influenced by what we eat and the kind of lifestyle we lead. Over the last couple of years, military diet has really increased in popularity because of its great impact on loss of weight.

The greatest advantage of the military diet is that you need not buy any book or supplements so as to stick to the plan. It is also known as the army diet or the 3-day diet. As much as it is called the military diet, it has no links with any government institution. It is known that it was designed by nutritionists so that to get the soldiers in their perfect shapes as soon as possible and thus the name military diet.

Instead of a diet plan for 7 days, this die provides a 3-day plan. You should stick to the diet for three days and the rest of the days you take a break from the plan but you should eat s healthy as possible. This plan should be repeated on a weekly basis.

The military diet does not include any snacks and your calories consumption is 1100 to 1400 calories each day. While you are allowed to take snacks for the other days, it is recommended that you should not take more than 1500 calories per day.

The drinks to take on the military diet.

Water is the main beverage of this diet. This is because it contains no calories and it is a weight loss facilitator by boosting your metabolism and keeping a regular and smooth digestion process. Other than water, you can drink coffee and tea but with no sugar or cream as they would add calories to the body. Taking tea regularly enables you to takes an unlimited amount of herbal tea present in this diet.

A solution for people with diet restrictions.

There are individuals that have diet restrictions. For instance taking of gluten-free diets, vegan or any other special kind of food intake. As a vegetarian seeking to explore this diet, you can get a military diet grocery list, which will give you the maximum benefits that you are seeking from the overall military diet.

The advantage of this diet is that each of the three days will include an alternative that you could take depending on your diet restrictions.

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