Endometrium in a woman refers to a tissue which lines the inner layer of her uterus and it is important for reproduction. It is due to the implantation of the embryo takes place here. There is a requirement of an embryo to attach itself with the endometrial lining for achieving a successful pregnancy. Oestrogen and progesterone are two of the hormones that assist to prepare and thicken the endometrial lining for implantation. When there comes a progression in the pregnancy, all the nourishment which is needed for the growth of a baby is delivered by the glands which are present in the uterine lining.
When there is an absence of a standard thick endometrial lining, there will be a lot of problems in holding a pregnancy. There are three different layers in which the uterus is lined. The outer one is named as serosa, the middle layer as myometrium and the innermost lining is known as the endometrium. The innermost lining, that is, the endometrial lining keeps changing all through the menstrual cycle. There is a requirement of the embryo to be in the most favourable condition to go and implant in the endometrium, which means that it should be thick and trilaminar with fine blood supply.
By the time when women undertake an in-vitro fertilization cycle, her endometrial lining gets measured routinely with the help of transvaginal ultrasound as the thickness of endometrium of 8 mm or more is identified as normal for successful implantation of the embryo. When the thickness is supposed to be low, like less than 7 mm, then it will be identified as thin endometrium. If a woman has a thin endometrial lining, decreased chances of having a successful pregnancy arise.

Thin Endometrium Causes

There are different types of causes by which thin endometrium can exist. There are some women who adopt birth control pills for a long period of time. They need to know that it can prove to be one of the causes of having a thin endometrial lining. If a woman is having a kind of bacterial infection, like pelvic inflammatory disease or sexually transmitted disease, there can be chances of getting inflammation that can scar the endometrial lining.
The next cause following thin endometrium is an inadequate flow of blood. There can be different reasons like if a woman is leading to a sedentary lifestyle; she may have a diminished flow of blood that causes the endometrial lining to shrink. If there is a tilted uterus, there are chances for her to get less blood supply.
As we said that oestrogen hormone is required to thicken the endometrium. A woman who is having thin endometrial lining may contain a low oestrogen level. This can be another cause of thin endometrium.
Studies have mentioned that a thin endometrium lining can't suppose to be as normal. It may lead towards an unusually elevated concentration of oxygen in the epithelial cells that can cause a rise in free radicals. It may also prove toxic to the implantation embryo and the cells, so following on failure in implantation. The thin endometrium is able to cause recurrent miscarriages. It is due to the implanted embryo will not get able to obtain sufficient blood flow and nutrients to survive.

Thin Endometrium Symptoms

Symptoms of thin endometrium may contain problems in menstrual bleeding. There can be an abnormal or irregular menstrual cycle. A woman may face irregular or painful menses. Fertility issues are also linked with a thin endometrium.

Thin Endometrium Treatment

There are some natural treatments that can be adopted in such stages. Different kinds of herbs and other natural supplemented are there that helps in maintaining the levels of oestrogen and provide benefit endometrium. Herbs like red clover, royal jelly, and asparagus racemosus can prove to be conductive in regulating the levels of oestrogen.
If a woman adopts regular exercise, their process of blood flow to the uterus remains smooth and healthy. She can also take help from the acupuncture process. It stands for a mechanism that is organized to lessen the levels of stress along with negative energies which are gathered in a person's body.

Fertility massage is helpful in improving the circulation of blood to different organs of the body. There is a hysteroscopy in which the scar tissues or adhesions can be eradicated that can cause the endometrial lining to grow to its suitable thickness. It can be done if any intrauterine adhesions are accountable for thinning of the uterine lining.

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