Did you ever stop to think about all the people that come into your life?
In our ever-evolving society, even the most timid, reserved or reclusive person has several people contacting and connecting with him/her every day. Whether it is telephone, Internet, fax, or a direct contact, people are coming into your life. And there is a reason for it and it is not at all by sheer coincidence.

There is an old prayer on the subject of accepting people that come into your life for a reason, a season and a lifetime, which I find very beautiful and useful but my main point is the reason itself: You wished it!
A good exercise is to start your day with positive affirmations. Here is a link on How to Use Positive Affirmations http://bit.ly/85oNjA

Someone is in your life because you have expressed aloud or just unconsciously to yourself a need or a wish. And le-voila you sent out a message and the forces of the law of attraction will do their very best to fulfill your desires. Whatever it may be, someone will come to provide you with guidance and support, to aid you financially, physically, emotionally or spiritually. A godsend you say, and they are. There is no coincidence here; you needed and asked them to be and that is the reason they came into your life.

The law of attraction will bring everything you want into your life. The most incredible gifts are stored there for you in the warehouse of the universe’s vast supply. But be careful what you wish for because it holds true to the opposite and negative side as well. You could see your most dreaded nightmares come to life. The unconscious perception you have of yourself is the guide and the road map which those forces will match up and populate your life with people that are, as you perceive yourself. What you think, see, or need, the forces will pair you with. Consciously you may not think like that, but alone with yourself that is where the mask drops and your powerful self goes to work.

When you feel good and positive about yourself, the planet or your community succeeds, and people follow you. Why? The path of your positive energy is open; an unobstructed connection to all the other entities in the universe that are similar to you.
On the other side of the coin, when you are angry with yourself, feeling down, self-esteem at the bottom of your cup, and thinking that you are no good, weak, and need a strong lover to kick your ass out of inertia, you just sent a message through the immense and powerful network of cosmic energy that you are looking for an abusive, overbearing, even violent lover to beat you up!
It starts and ends with you. What do you think of yourself? This cosmic force/divine spirit/light is not there to judge or suggest a different path for you. It accepts your thoughts and wishes as law. It is a YES force that doesn’t understand or accept NO.

How you evolve and change will also affect peoples’ connection to you. Don’t ever think or attempt to change someone, it is a waste of energy. It is only when you change yourself that you also change others and the world. Take a little time by yourself and take a closer look at the people that have come in and dropped out of your life and the ones still around. Some may have died, others may have lasted only a day but they all contributed something. A number of them may have even hurt your feelings, body or a bank account. The reasons are all there: a lesson that you needed to learn, a fleeting smile that made your day and gave you the confidence to present your pet project, a laugh that brought you joy, or the strength the unconditional love you feel when you are near them gives you.

Once you understand and accept this concept you’ll see your world quite differently.
The sooner you learn how to identify the reason you will enjoy your acquaintances, friends, lovers and family to the fullest, and will no longer get angry or be bothered by the annoying mindless contacts which you thought you never asked for. You have learned how to build the emotional foundation for positive living! You can now move on with your journey and be the teacher, support and friend other positive people want so much to connect with.

Have a great journey.
Ton Pascal

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Ton Pascal is a self thought , self help advocate and author.
“My goal is to help as many people as possible how to stop living on the periphery of life.
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