I remember being told as a child, “You are something else. When you were made they broke the mold!” I thought this was a bad thing because of the context in which it was said. I was usually misbehaving and this was part of my reprimand.

As an adult I take that as a compliment! There is no one like me, never has been, never will again. I am completely unique and special and when I leave this Earth, there will be no replacing me. Ever.

The same is true for you, you know? No one has had the same experiences as you, perhaps similar experiences, but not the same.And no one experiences your experiences the way you do, mainly because of your past experiences. Are you following me?

Every fiber of your being, ever cell in your body, down to your very core, is completely and absolutely unlike any else in the Universe. I want you to really get this.

You were created with a single mold that was made with you in mind and once you came to be, the mold was destroyed. There will never be another you again.

Be Yourself

Everyone else is taken.

SO. It’s vitally important that you let YOUR Light shine.Because when you are gone, all we will have left of it is the impact it made on those you touched during your lifetime.

What does this have to do with eliminating your competition?

Everything! You see if you are uniquely you and I am uniquely me, even if we do similar things, offer similar services or even if we sell the exact same product, we bring our special uniqueness to the table and THAT is what makes us different. Hence there is no competition!

Let’s be real here. There are coaches everywhere.Even people who aren’t coaches are saying they are coaches because it’s so trendy to be a coach these days. Even if a coach sets up shop right next door to me offering the same results and benefits I offer, there is NO WAY she can deliver what I deliver to my clients. Because she is not ME and she just can’t do what I do the way I do it. No one can. Except me!

You are unrepeatable.

There is a magic about you

that is all your own . . .

D.M. Dellinger

Do you get it? So no more comparing yourself to others. No more wondering if there is enough to go around. You were created to fulfill the unique purpose you were given. What is that purpose? To experience and share YOUR joy, love and Light with the world.

If you have doubts about how to do that, or if you wonder that perhaps you were the only one passed over and not given a unique gift, let me know. That’s where I come in to help you believe in your Self and fulfill your Divine purpose.

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