Anxiety Therapy - Medication

In order to permanently overcome an anxiety condition, it is vital that the core of the disorder is addressed in a targeted, supportive and seamless process of recovery. The core of anxiety disorder is stored and perpetuated in the amygdala, the 'anxiety control center' of the brain - it is this which MUST be addresses directly in order to fully and permanently erase high anxiety.

Because the Amygdala does not respond to drug therapies, anxiety cannot be eliminated by it. There are a number of drugs licensed as a treatment for anxiety such as certain sedatives and antidepressants, however, they are not curative and tend to offer the sufferer respite from their symptoms. In isolation, drugs are not the solution to anxiety conditions but used sensibly, they can sometimes be useful in 'taking the edge off' the more severe symptoms.

Why aren’t drugs the solution? Because no drug has, or could ever be, developed that can identify and erase the specific neural pathways in the brain that are responsible for your high anxiety – it’s impossible.

Anxiety Therapy - Psychotherapy
Psychotherapy can be lengthy and costly but there are some elements of this sort of therapy that are very useful in the treatment of anxiety disorders but as a complete cure, it is limited.

Psychotherapy is an event rather than a process. You cannot have constant access to your psychotherapist when you require it and whilst the information and exercises he or she may present to you can seem to be of great benefit, many are very counterproductive.

Psychotherapy can be costly and many psychotherapists lack the experience of helping a wide range of sufferers that is vital if you are to provide seamless and experienced support.

Psychotherapy in isolation is not an effective anxiety therapy – tens of thousands of our ex clients are testament to this.

Most of our Linden Method clients have been down this route and wasted time and money on a process that can go on for months and in some cases, many, many years.
Anxiety Therapy - Alternative Therapies

I am a great advocate of 'do what makes you feel better'. I believe that if you experience something that makes you feel better but does not support your anxious habit, then it can only be good.

There are a number of alternative therapies that causes the sufferer to relax, these are all great and assist with muscle pain, sleeplessness and other symptoms. Alternative drug therapies and homeopathy have limited success in my experience and few of our clients have ever reported experiencing any dramatic changes from their use.

Reflexology, massage, hypnosis and visualization exercises can all be very relaxing and therefore therapeutic but are NOT the solution to anxiety disorders and certainly couldn’t be called anxiety therapy.

The Linden Method includes relaxation audio tracks that can achieve the same results.
Anxiety Therapy - The Linden Method

Like me, you have probably scoured the medical world for an anxiety therapy.
When I was looking for an anxiety therapy, I looked in libraries, on the web, phoned specialists in all fields of medicine and went to the hospital (sometimes in an ambulance.)

I became completely obsessed about finding an anxiety therapy... an obsession which fueled the anxiety, but ultimately caused me to discover and develop the most effective anxiety therapy available anywhere.

This Linden Method is an effective anxiety therapy simply because it does what other treatments, therapies and self help methods don't do, it tackles the root cause of the condition, deactivating the 'switch' in the brain which controls anxiety.

Psychologists, doctors and psycho-physiologists agree that the Linden Method is THE only anxiety therapy that works by eliminating the root cause of the anxiety disorder. The NIMH have confirmed what we believed for years, that the Amygdala is to blame... they just haven't found a solution yet!

Dr Romulo Valdez Ph.D Says "I have been trained by the very best in the field of Psychology and Psychiatry, as you can see by my credentials and I endorse the Linden Method with highest regard." Romulo trained at Harvard and is one of Americas most qualified and experienced clinical psychologists.

Charles Linden

Author's Bio: 

Apart from providing support and counseling to anxiety sufferers through 'The Linden Method', I also work in private practice with anxiety disorder sufferers through The Linden Centers and my team of psychologists and counselors around the world.

My 'Method' took seven years to develop and is now, not only, becoming recognized as THE drug free solution to anxiety disorders by government bodies, but is also receiving referrals from psychologists, doctors, psychiatrists, health authorities, insurance companies and other organizations from around the world.

I am also a regular contributor to printed publications such as Natural Health, Women, Women's Own, Pick Me Up,, Top Santé, OK magazine and anxiety disorder websites.

Charles Linden