As we shift into a whole new way of being, many of us are being called to look deep within and uncover the hidden treasures of insight, wisdom, and inner knowing that have been slumbering within us.

Now is the awakening of our full potential as we release and surrender to situations that are at times creating havoc within our personal lives. These clever situations come in the form of losing a job, a life threatening illness, or the loss of a relationship. Usually it occurs in areas that we are most vulnerable to, and that will either humble us to our knees or cause us to shutdown and retreat.

This is the work of our Soul. That part of us that remembers what our purpose is long after we have forgotten. It’s that part of us that knows what we are capable of, yet for whatever reason we have become complacent in. It’s the shedding of our false selves, those parts that protect us and keep us from stepping into the brightness of who we are.

As we shed our masks, our vision becomes clearer because we are no longer holding a veil over our eyes. Sometimes this clarity can bring panic and disbelief in areas of our life that we may have discarded. If we can stay with the discomfort and uncertainty, and not reach for another mask to put on, we will be amazed with the discoveries we find.

All the answers are deep within us, just waiting to be uncovered. Uncovering these insights on the journey of our life takes courage, gratitude, respect, grace and persistence. It takes a strong backbone to stand up and fully claim the life that is your birthright. If not now when? If not you, who? Time is of the essence.

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This article is based on the words found on page 3, Insights on the Journey of Life, of the newly released book of heart whispers, "The Soul of the Heart" by Catherine VanWetter, Inner Resolution Facilitator of Peace, Compassion, Forgiveness & Love. To review the beautiful, heart-filled pages of "The Soul of the Heart" and to listen to a section of the accompanying meditation CD visit