I would like to share with you how exactly the Law of Attraction works. It is imperative that you understand that what ever we have discussed in these two documents, can be realized through the Law of Attraction. As gasoline is the fuel for your automobile, attraction is the fuel for your intentions.

First, understand that the Law of Attraction is responding to your thoughts, not to your current reality. It is not responding to the present that you are living in, it is responding to the vibrational patterns of thought that you are sending out into the universe as energy. When you change your thoughts, your reality will follow suit.

Based on this realization, by speaking and thinking of how you really want your life to be, you allow the possibility of your thoughts and intentions to manifest. What you are living is always a replica of your vibrational patterns of thought. As you are vibrating, you are attracting, therefore, you are always getting back exactly what you send out into the universe.

The Law of Attraction says that whatever your state of being is, whatever your thoughts are, whatever you feel, you are attracting more of that energy. When your thought patterns are focused on scarcity, your vibrational energy will be negative and lacking, so you will attract like energy; likewise when your thought patterns are focused on abundance and prosperity, your vibrational energy will be positive and grateful and you will in essence attract more of it.

No one else can attract for you, you are the only one who creates your own experience. Based on the Laws of Energy it is just physically and scientifically not possible. Everything that comes to you, comes to you by the power of your thoughts, no one else's. Nothing stands between you and what you desire for your life, other than your own thought patterns.

Remember, the way that you feel is always about the relationship between what you have your attention on and your true purpose. I'm sure you've heard the saying "that the shortest distance between two points is a straight line," well the same principle applies relative to The Law of Attraction. The way to get where you want to be is to focus your full attention on what you do want, not on what you do not want. Picture the Law of Attraction as an identical twin relative to your thought pattern and vibrational energy. What you get back, will be identical to what you send out.

To engage the Law of Attraction, one of the most powerful things you can do, is to spend time each and every day visualizing your life as you want it to be. I suggest that you either meditate or just be alone with yourself in a peaceful environment for 30 minutes. Focus on your dreams, your vision and your intentions. See yourself living and being in the moment within your visualization, not as an observer looking from the outside in but rather as a participant experiencing the joy, love, happiness and prosperity that you are living. Paint a picture of where you are and who you're with, bring your vision to life, make it real!

You've heard me say before that your past is not your future. In other words, what has been has nothing to do with what will be; if you focus on who you want to be and what you want to manifest into your life, with faith and a positive belief system, your vision will become a reality.

In closing, this next distinction is one of the keys to achieving whatever you want in your life; joy, love, abundance, prosperity, happiness. As individuals, we are all responsible for the choices that we make in our lives. Based on this concept, it is vital to understand that our present life experiences are determined by the choices that we've already made.

You can not go back in time and change those past choices, you can only make new choices in the present and move forward. Making the choice to achieve happiness and pursue your true passion, whatever it may be, versus living your life based on the pictures of expectation that you create in your mind based on your past paradigms, will be your first breakthrough to attracting the life that you desire. Always remember, that as you journey through your life, great love, success and achievement, also involve great risk.

In honor of your life, take the risk!

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Larry Agresto is a Life & Success Coach and the founder of Peak Performance Coaching.
He is also a writer, author and speaker. His work and writings focus on change and transformation. His latest work “The Power of Magical Thinking,” is about empowering people to realize their “true potential,” enabling them to live the fulfilled life they’ve always hoped for.

Shifting from the “automatic pilot”behavior of negative past experiences and limited thinking, one becomes capable of being truly present once again. In doing so, we begin to experience the unlimited thinking of the present moment, which in turn empowers the opportunity for unlimited possibilities into our lives.

He has written several e-books; “The Principles of Success, The Journey, What’s Stopping You and The 21 Day Breakthrough.” His latest e-book is entitled “The Power of Magical Thinking.”

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