I think it's safe to assume that "normal" people want to be happy. We want to be around happy people, in happy environments, feeling good and doing things that make us happy. So, if happiness (and happy experiences) is our goal, what can we do to reach that goal? If happiness is a common goal for so many people, why are so many people unhappy? There's got to be a way for each of us to attract the happiness we seek; but how?

The Law of Attraction is not a tool that can be used to create or attract something - not even happiness. But, the Law of Attraction explains how we can attract happiness with our thoughts and emotions. If we work "with" the Law, we can create a happier emotional state and create and attract happier experiences. The Law of Attraction essentially tells us that, if we want to attract happy people and experiences, we must simply be happy; you cannot attract happiness with sadness, grief, worry, fear, or anger.

That's easier said than done, for most people; because most people simply don't even know how to act happy, much less be happy. You see, if you constantly act unhappy, unsatisfied, put-off, etc, you will have a hard time finding people who want to be around you; on the other hand, happy people are a joy to have around - and they are sought out by others. A happy person always has friends! And, good luck often falls on those who are open to it and actively seeking it. By simply being happy, you are seeking, and open to, a completely different set of opportunities, possibilities, and "chance" encounters - all of which can lead to new experiences and fortunate outcomes.

Besides making you more "attractive" to happy people, conditions, and situations, being happy also helps you by improving your health. Study after study has shown the ever-growing list of health benefits that accompany being happy; you can be fitter, live longer, stay more active, and be more adventurous with a healthy body - and all of these things make you more attractive to happy people and conditions, as well. But how can we just, "Be Happy?"

A popular song tells us, "Don't worry; be happy." "Don't worry," is good advice for anyone who wants to be happy; in fact, it's on my list of the Three-Easiest Ways to Be Happy. Though the things on this list seem relatively simple, it will probably take a great deal of thought and attention to truly master these three-simple methods for staying happy. As you think about the things on this list, just make the decision to be happier; and you'll find yourself paying more attention, and putting more effort into your own happiness. Here's the list:

1. Don't worry. Fear not. Think about good, happy, or positive things rather than things that worry you, or put you in a foul temper, bad mood, or low-spirits. Unhappy-thoughts create unhappiness; replace them with "happy-thoughts" to create happiness.

2. Talk about happy things; "if you don't have something nice to say, don't say anything..." If you're thinking happy thoughts, it's easy to talk about happy things; if you aren't, listen to a happy conversation and join-in as soon as you have something positive to add. Talking about unhappy things is not attractive.

3. Do things that make you happy while helping others, or while making you stronger, healthier, and happier. Helping others is a great way to be happy.

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