Often, I have been asked why I wrote my book, Farewell, My Friend (FMF), so I have decided to tell you.

My husband’s battle with lung cancer was an arduous journey for both Rick and I. It is a journey that many other caretakers have or will have to take during their lifetime. FMF is intended to be a guide to assist you or your caretaker in managing the many details associated with an illness and, sadly, the death of a loved one.

Throughout my husband’s illness and until his ultimate death, many people said to me, “I wouldn’t know what to do, IF this happened to me.” For many people it is not a matter of “if” you will have to deal with this subject, but “when”. FMF is the result of hearing this type of comment repeatedly. I am confident that my book will help a caretaker or your loved one find some order and peace of mind in the midst a medical crisis. It will also allow the reader to avoid the many shocks and surprises that will be the result of not being properly prepared.

Planning to complete some actions “one of these days” translates to “none of these days.” As you read FMF, you will find samples of the forms I have created to help me keep track of the many aspects of Rick’s care. You may copy any of the forms I have created. If you want to have an electronic version, please go to my website, farewellmyfriend.net and down the desired form.

If you are a part of the Baby Boomer generation, as I am, it is inevitable that you will be tackling a serious illness or burying a parent, a spouse, family member, or friend. But guess what?...You don’t have to be 45+ to have to go through what we have gone through. All or part of these challenges will show up at your doorstep one day. It is just a natural part of the circle of life and cannot be avoided. You owe it to yourself to read this book and pre-stage many of these suggested actions in order to get ahead of the curve for yourself and your loved ones.

I am not a doctor, a nurse, or an attorney, but have been a caregiver who has gone through the illness and loss of a spouse. In trying to handle Rick’s illness and keep my wits about me, I could not find a book that handled all aspects of a chronic illness and ultimately the burial and bereavement associated with the loss of a loved one. As a result, I decided to write one. I don’t have ALL of the answers for caregivers, but I do have many that worked for me. It is my hope that some of this information will create “light bulb” moments in which you will find a way to make your life a bit easier. I also promise you a laugh or two when you read FMF. The result of following some or all of the advice offered will allow you to find some order in a personal sea of chaos.

Many of the topics covered in my book are discussed on my television show, Bea-On Bereavement – The Power of Planning simulcast at www.rcctv.net/. Please logon to my website, farewellmyfriend.net, for more information.