Ready to get out of your head and into the heart of NOW?

Stephanie Gunning, best-selling author, editor, and Spirit-preneur extraordinaire, gathered last year with a number of well-known spiritual teachers and motivators (best-selling authors like Gregg Braden, Sandy Grason, Hale Dwoskin, Rapahel Cushnir, and Marci Shimoff) for a de-LIGHT-full exploration of the ins and outs of weaving gratitude, meditation, and presence into waking life! She recorded her talks as part of a campaign she and Richard Aronow co-created, The Great American Think Out, a 30-day adventure sharing wisdom tips and tools for getting out of our heads and into the heart of NOW!

As moms, it sometimes feels as if there's not enough time in the day to get everything done that needs to be done. This "feeling" often gets in the way of our relationships and of our ability to enjoy our lives in the present moment. We need to learn to nurture and take care of ourselves in a spiritual sense so that we can take excellent care of our children, stay connected with our husbands and partners, and participate fully in our lives as they are happening. Through The Great American Think Out, we can discover new ways to get out of that mindset of keeping up, doing it right, and whatever other kind of anxious notion passes through the brain. Once we can find a quiet place inside, we can more genuinely take pleasure in being moms and being happy, healthy women.

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On every day of the 30-day Stop Thinking Now Program you will be provided with a tip or an "opportunity", a practical technique that can help enhance your sense of inner peace and presence.

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Here are three tips or "opportunities" to help you Stop Thinking Now!:

Tip #1: Meditate on Your Breath: Spend a few minutes sitting with your eyes closed and just being conscious of the rhythm of your breath once a day. There's nothing to fix. By paying attention to your body you'll relax.

Tip #2: Stop Multi-tasking: Do one thing at a time and do it well. Splitting your attention doesn't save time because you end up having to correct mistakes and fill in gaps. Better to give your energy in one place.

Tip #3: Keep a Gratitude Journal: At the end of every day, write down anything that you feel grateful for in your life, large or small. No appreciation is too miniscule in this attention practice. Train yourself to be mindful of what is pleasing and available to you and you'll actually experience more of it.

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Alison M. Fadoul is “America’s #1 Mom Motivator,” and the author of the forthcoming book The Hot Mommy Next Door: A Quick, Easy, and Effective Way to Drop Your Baby Weight and Achieve Your Personal Best After Pregnancy. Alison is a certified Spinning® instructor and founder of the Hot Mommy Next Door, a web source and consulting service for mothers of newborns and young children who want to drop their unwanted, leftover baby weight and achieve their personal best physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. Sign up now for her free weekly Ezine, “Tips from the Hot Mommy Next Door,” at and receive these two “free” gifts: the Hot Mommy Next Door shopping list and an audio program featuring an interview with Alison. To inquire about Alison’s availability and fees, please contact her via or call 954/304-5481.