I’ve spent the last several articles explaining how Western medicine has things royally screwed up in a multitude of ways – from their over-reliance on an overly simplistic germ theory to the harm done by their advice, treatments and preventative measures. This problem is so bad, in fact, that Western medicine is, by all accounts, including the Journal of the American Medical Association, one of the biggest, if not the biggest causes of death in the civilized world. Now I don’t know, but you might be thinking, “Okay Dr. Smarty-pants, if you’re so smart, how would YOU do things if you were in charge?” Glad you asked.

First of all, you have to realize that instead of trying to treat a million different diagnoses and/or symptoms that patients present with, you only have to worry about seven things. I call them the Seven Digressions on the Road to Health. We only need to worry about these seven things because every one of those million diagnoses/symptoms comes down to one or more of these seven things at its root. That is, at the core of every symptom or diagnosis is one or more of these seven digressions.

This requires a slightly different mode of thinking from what you may be used to. You grew up in a world where X bug caused X disease and Y bug caused Y disease. Here, I’ve been telling you that bugs can change their size and shape according to the terrain they inhabit and they may not cause any disease at all. And while some bugs can cause disease (malaria for example), most of the time germs are not the root cause of a disease, but more of a secondary cause. So let’s take hypothyroidism as an example. There are several different ways one can achieve this diagnosis (radiation, toxic metals, chronic stress, lack of iodine, etc.). The treatment for this disorder should not just be to give the person synthetic thyroid hormone (the thyroid makes several hormones by the way) the treatment should address the cause. The other side of this coin is that what causes hypothyroidism in one person may cause prostate cancer in another. However, in this way of thinking and treating patients, both of these patients would receive similar treatment protocols because they have the same root cause.

Another failed tenet of Western medicine seems to be, if it’s not caused by a bug, it must be caused by genetics. I’m here to tell you that genetics is not a root cause of any disease. Bad genes don’t just happen; there’s a cause for them too. In this case, the problem happened in a previous generation, but it was still caused by one of these seven digressions.

So what are these seven things? I’ll tell you.

The Seven Digressions on the Road to Health
1. Nutritional Digressions
2. Toxicity (Heavy Metals, Chemicals, Drugs)
3. Emotional/Psychological Digressions or “Toxic Thoughts”
4. Germs and Worms (Bacteria, Viruses, Parasites, Fungi/Yeast)
5. Trauma/Microtrauma (Accidents, Falls, Poor Posture, Overuse)
6. Hormone Imbalance
7. Toxic Energy (Electromagnetic Fields, Radiation)

Of all seven of these issues, Western medicine deals primarily with number four. I’ve put this list in a roughly descending order from what I consider the most important to least, so by my way of thinking, they are only dealing with the fourth most important aspect to health and largely ignoring the rest. And they’re also spending an inordinate amount of time working on genetics, which doesn’t even make the list. Once again, the reason genetics isn’t on the list is because your “genetic” issue was caused by Grandpa’s toxicity issue or nutritional issue, etc.

Now in my office, we use muscle testing to figure out what’s at the root of each patient’s problem, but there’s another way things can be done. If you can’t get in to see me or someone who practices like me, one route is to simply do everything in your power to prevent each of the above digressions from becoming an issue in your life. In order to assist you in doing this, I’ve created what I call The 20 Steps To Perfect Health™. I’ll be discussing each of these steps in coming newsletters, but if you want to see the list now, go to my website www.HealthIsNatural.com.

I suggest you just pick a few things from the list that you’re not already doing and start doing them. Once you’ve mastered those, pick a few more. The more of these 20 things you do, the healthier you will become – guaranteed.

Here’s the link one more time:


Go there and get started on checking off as many things on that list as you can.

Until next time…

Stay healthy,

Dr. Brad Case

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Dr. Brad Case is the author of "Thugs, Drugs and the War On Bugs," Book I in the Why We're Sick healthcare series and co-author of "101 Great Ways To Improve Your Health". He writes a quarterly newsletter, a monthly e-newsletter, and is the clinic director of the Holistic Healing Center in Prunedale, California. To learn more or to sign up for his free e-newsletter, visit his website: www.HealthIsNatural.com. You can also follow him on Twitter @drbradcase or become a fan of Holistic Healing Center on Facebook.