All Sales professionals want to improve their sales skills. They are also on a hunt for a new sales tip, or a fresh thought to motivate themselves to achieve more sales this week. This article outlines the best, quickest, most accessible and cost free source for excellent sales tips and techniques.

Where does an experienced sales professional find a new sales tip or find a technique for improving some area of their sales? Where does someone who has had loads of sales training and years of first hand sales success go for something really valuable to help them continue to improve their sales skills and results?

Expensive Sources of Sales Techniques
Some sales professionals go to sales conferences, attend sales training, read books, watch DVDs or have recordings of successful sales people on their MP3s or car stereo. Many find that they have paid a large amount of money for a resource that contained little they could really use, or that offered only ONE tip that they could apply to their daily sales work.

Having one sales tip that will take you through the next week, and will help you achieve your sales targets, is GOOD. The problem is that this one tip was either buried in a mire of irrelevant padding or was surrounded by very basic sales skills that you could have written much better yourself!

Where can you find a good tip for opening the sales conversation, for handling objections or for closing down a sale? Where can you find that one thought that will motivate you this week? The answer is YouTube!

YouTube - A Superb Free Source of Tips and Techniques
The best sales Gurus or sales trainers often have those one or two tips or techniques that are fabulous, that will really help the sales professional achieve more and develop their skills. These experts will often take their very best sales tip, and use it to advertise their training, their book or their DVD. They will make a clip of this to hook in the real sales professionals like yourself.

Then they put this clip of these best-of-the-best tips up on YouTube! Here you will find the best sales tips, from the expert sales people, without the padding! Type in the words ‘sales tips’ or ‘sales training’ and you will see a wide selection of sales presenters and techniques.
You will see –
1. The sales experts giving their best sales tip
2. Tips on how to open sales conversations
3. Techniques for probing your prospect
4. Many techniques on how to close a sale
5. How to deal with specific objections like ‘you are too expensive’
6. How to handle different personality styles

The Benefits of YouTube Clips
There are huge benefits of using YouTube Sales clips to improve skills and motivation.
1. They are free and very easy to access
2. There are really good people making these clips
3. There are surprisingly few clips that are totally bad – and even these will boost your self-belief!
4. The clips are short – you will find a good tip that is less than 5 minutes long
5. They are current – new ideas and sales tips all the time
6. You can sample a sales trainer or Sales writer before you buy
7. You can find a tip on very specific sales topics
With the wide range of sales clips and presenters, you can find a new thought every week. You can trawl through the sales clips for some inspiration, or go in for a targeted search on a specific area you want to improve.

If the worst comes to the worst, and you find there really are no valuable tips left – then you can record your own clip and begin a new career!

Author's Bio: 

Kate Tammemagi provides Sales Training in Ireland. She designs fully customised Professional Sales Training and Leadership Coaching.