Are you currently having problems with people at work, family members of friends? Perhaps they want to action something, do something, plan for something … and you can think of nothing worse? So you are at logger heads because they want X and you want Y.

Well in this article I want to offer you a solution to situations like these, a solution which you might not have thought about but is exquisitely simple and incredibly satisfying but before I tell you what it is, I want to share some knowledge from my former career (as an electronic engineer) about components called resistors.

In very simple terms, resistors are used in electronics to ensure the optimum amount of energy enters a circuit. This process can be likened to water flowing through a pipe and encountering a partly closed valve, the valve allows a smaller amount of water to pass through. Resistors (of varying values) work in a similar way, they manage the flow of energy so that everything can work in harmony. Now with that explanation in mind can you imagine what would happen if resistors didn't exist, or there was only one type of resistor which had only one set value? Of course the circuit would be in chaos because the energy would not be being optimised.

The reason I share this insight with you is because we can learn a lot from resistors. All too often when people are faced with situations in their lives that they don't want to go along with, they put the blocks up completely. They use every possible way they can think of to stop the situation that doesn't agree with them. If you think back to the analogy of the flowing water in the pipe, the valve in this instance would be completely shut which would create a blockage eventually resulting in a leak or even a flood. However I am suggesting that if you took the approach that a resistor takes you could achieve so much more.

You see what we resist persists … meaning when you push against something, it will meet you with the same force in the opposite direction which can be very unpleasant so I'm suggesting you try going with the flow instead. That doesn't mean you go along with everything, but instead you begin to find the optimum amount of resistance.

For example if someone you love was about to jump off a cliff, there is no doubt that you have to put the blocks on a decision like that, but if someone you love wants to start a new business that you don't necessarily think will work … hold back on your opinions, your judgements and your personal agendas, and aim instead to find the most advantageous amount of opposition. This can take some thinking about and also will require you to reflect on how much of your resistance is actually coming from subconsciously learned fear responses and deeply embedded desires to control outcomes. Not an easy task but very worthwhile.

Anyway I hope this article has given you some powerful thoughts … and next time you are faced with a situation you aren't too thrilled about, you will remember how these clever electronic components work and consider measuring the value of your resistance.

Author's Bio: 

Austin Wyse is the author of two self development books ['Without the Woo Woo' - Feb 2012 and 'I Am Healing' - July 2013.] He specialises in the power of the subconscious. His website exists as a resource for his books, audio and events.