We can’t get back the time that we spent trying to change someone else. The energy and time is irreplaceable. You truly have to look at each and every circumstance and evaluate the time and energy that you’ve put into it and come to the conclusion that it is unchangeable.

It could be the time and energy that you put into a relationship, a job, or a friendship, it doesn’t matter. You have to accept people and situations for what they truly are; a learning experience. You have to learn to accept them for who and what they truly are.

If you are doing all the giving and not feeling that you are not given back to, you can try talking about it with them but if they don’t change after that you have your answer. It is when you come to realize this that you make the necessary changes and can begin to move forward.

Someone with the “cup is half empty” mentality will always see it that way. Only they can change their way of thinking. Stay positive and upbeat in every situation and just know when the time is right when you decide to make the changes necessary that you have tried by giving your time, patience and energy.

So don’t look to change someone, everyone has good qualities in them. Just surround yourself with people with like minds who will uplift you and keep you going in the right direction. People grow every single day and sometimes you outgrow your work environment or your relationships. That just means that you are growing, and that’s a good thing. Keep your head up and tune out all negativity. If you have a moment when any negativity creeps in, just look around you and see all that you have, both inside and out. Your qualities are immeasurable. The cup will always be “half full” and I will continue to see it that way, and I greatly appreciate all that comes my way. I am blessed by all the people and circumstances that have entered my life.

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