The Ricoh SP C261SFNw colored laser printing device transfers the information to the paper. Usually, it transfers the data on a standard size sheet-like portrait mode, landscape mode, A4 size sheet that is mostly used in all printers. The printer accepts all computer Text and Graphics. Its size is very compact, processing speed is very high, and the cost is very low compared to others. Many users used Expensive Printer for resolution for color printing. But the comparison to the Expensive Printer, the Ricoh SP C261SFNw colored laser printer is very perfect because it’s not expensive and provides better-colored printing options This printer designed using the latest technology.

Introduction of Ricoh

Many users liked this Ricoh SP C261SFNw colored laser printer. If you have a previously black and white printer then you replace it. You can buy this Ricoh SP C261SFNw printer. It provides full-colored capabilities. It’s very affordable at least as the initial cost is very affordable. In this printer, the document feeder is exactly the same. This printer document feeder is very cool because it’s duplex scanning so basically has one panging on both sides it scans both sides. It also got a flatbed scanner and its print quality was actually very good. The actual function of this printer is, at the bottom of the printer you can see a number of pads, NFC, you can hook up your phone fairly easy to connect and print stuff, and also have a stuff hook for the USB cable.

Ricoh SP C261SFNw laser printer installation

To install the colored laser printer on your Pc first and foremost, turn on the power of your Pc. Then you click on the start option, select from the menu devices and printers. To do the Ricoh SP C261SFNW set up through the internet, connect your Pc to the internet. Now on your Pc window appears and clicks on the add printer which helps you install the printer. One more window also appears on your Pc screen, this is asking a question to you. 1. Add a new printer: use this option when you don’t have a USB port on your printer. Windows automatically install the USB printers when you plug them in. 2. Add a network or Bluetooth printer: make sure that your Pc is connected to the internet or that your Bluetooth or wireless printer is turned on.

Installation process

Now, your Pc window is searching for available printers and the number of the list is available on the screen. Select your printer name Ricoh SP C261SFNw colored laser printer. Your computer screen detects the TCP or IP port. Your computer windows will automatically move to the next page. Windows is communicated with the printer and will automatically detect the printer driver to use.
Now, you have to install the printer driver. Choose or select your printer from the list. Clicks windows update to see more models. You have to install the driver from an installation CD, Pen drive, or many other devices. Click here if you have any disks on the have disk option. Insert here your installation disk and then make sure you have selected the corrected file below. Now you tap on the browse option, a window appears on your Pc screen. Click or tap on the network option. Select here again your disk. Click or tap on the next option.

Wireless setup

This printer will be installed with Ricoh SP C261SFNw wireless setup driver. Insert printer name click on the next option. Now, Installing printer processing is going on continuously. Your printer has been installed. Wait for a few seconds. If you want to share this printer, you must provide a share printer name. You can use the suggested name or you can also type a new name. The share name will be visible to another network user. To share your printer you can simply, click on the share this printer so that others on your network can find and use it. Click or tap on the next option.

Now, you have successfully added the Richo SP C261SFNw colored laser printer. Now, you click on set as the default printer. To check your printer is properly working now, you can click on print a test page or to see the Ricoh SP C261SFNw troubleshooting information for the printer. You will Tap on the finish option. The Ricoh laser printer is successfully complete now.


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