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Around 400,000,000 years ago, the Earth’s surface was relatively quiet allowing marine life, both vegetable and animal, is well distributed over the whole world. The world’s climate grows slightly warmer and becomes more equable. There is a general outpouring of the seashores of the various continents especially concerning North and South America. New oceans appear, and the older bodies of water are much larger.

Suddenly and without a gradual process, the first multicellular animals make their appearance. The trilobites have evolved, and for ages they dominate the seas. The BOOK refers to this as “The Trilobite Age.”
During the Trilobite Age, the marine life was much like the world over and consisted of the seaweeds, one-called organisms, simple sponges, and other crustaceans such as shrimps, crabs, lobsters and, of course, the trilobites.
Besides these life forms, I need to mention the three thousand varieties of brachiopods appearing where only two hundred have survived. These animals represent a variety of early life which still exist at our present time unchanged.

But, one must remember the trilobites were the dominant living creatures. They were one-sexed animals and existed in many forms: being poor swimmers, they floated slowly in the water and crawled along the sea bottoms, curling up in self-protection when attacked by their enemies. They grew in length from the inches to one foot and developed into four distinct groups: carnivorous, herbivorous, omnivorous, and “mud-eaters.”

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Check out Ms. Oberne’s work-in-progress, “The Birth of Jesus and Beyond.” FREE to READ.

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