We are all born innately free spirited and living in the moment,then something happens;
we are taught that we have to wait until after dinner for the cookies, we can't go to the play ground until after homework and we must even wait for Christmas or another special occasion to receive all that we have been asking for.

Certainly, there is nothing wrong with any of this and there is even a sense of excitement and positive anticipation in the wait.

The downside of course, is that when we are taught that things only come to us upon conditions, there is a deep part of us that forgets where they are really come from. We must have dinner before the cookies. Do our homework before play. Be good before the coming of Saint Nick.

From a human perspective, they all seem reasonable and even desirable.Even knowing what I know now, I would still teach my kids about Santa Claus. From a spiritual perspective, however, conditions take us out of the moment and teach us not to trust the Divine Source to bring us all that we need and desire. Instead we depend on parents, teachers and even fictional characters to bring good to us.

When we grow up, we are still expecting governments, bosses and even other "lost" people to bring our good to us,and maybe we even trade one fictional character for another. And so we are always trying to meet their conditions - conditions that might be illusive and keep changing. Conditions that we really don't want to meet, but we believe that we have no other choice and so we go on bending over backwards and doing things that really don't support our highest good.

In the spiritual scheme of things, so to speak, eventually that structure must break down. Either we get frustrated at the rules and conditions or simply become too tired to follow them and the day comes when we turn away from a life that says we must do this to get that.

Maybe, at first, nothing really changes in the way that we live our lives, but inside something is dramatically transforming.

When we begin to turn away from external reward and punishment and look within ourselves, we find that there is something greater than any physical source of well being.

This can be a strange moment indeed.
This can be a homecoming.
This can be the freedom that you have been seeking.

When we stop turning to outside forces for our survival and well being and instead we look within, we begin to remember
what we knew upon our arrival in this world.

We came into life fully knowing that all our needs and yes even desires are answered immediately upon request. And that the conditions that we perceive are illusions of reality.

Conditions for abundance and well being only exist because we have each believed them into being truth. Something becomes true only because we focus it into being true.

Let us not even call that truth.
Let us call that "powerful belief" pretending to be true.

If you look closely, and really pay attention, you will see that your well being never came from anything other than the Source of who you really are. It may have come through parents, teachers, and other outside forces, but they were all just vehicles of good who also received all their good from the same Source as you; which is the real you, and them.

Just a little common sense will show you: as a kid your juice came from your mom who got it from the store, who got it from the factory or farm, who got it from the trees, trees that came from the earth and the earth which was created from the Universe and the Universe that came from the Big Bang - and, well you get the picture.

Look around at anything and play this little game of "where did my well being come from" and you will end up in the same place over and over.

Yes, we have grand stories about where our good comes from
and all the conditions that we must meet to be deserving of that good. But none of it is true. The only thing that holds that reality in place is your belief in it. That should also tell you how powerful you are.

So where does that leave us?
It leaves us right back where we started.
it leaves us in this moment.

Source, which is called that for a reason, always knows exactly what you need when you need it. And also knows exactly how to bring it to you within the context of your beliefs and stories; often quite limiting for Source but Source works with what you allow.

In this way, our beliefs and stories actually limit the way
our good and abundance can come to us. In other words, our conditions of how things must come to us, actually stops more well being and abundance from flowing.

So here we are working our butts off to get some where,
when we are actually stopping the flow of abundance. Now, I am not saying that we should stop doing everything that we are doing. That's not the point. The point is that when we remember that life loves us and wants to provide for us through the Source that we are, we can relax a whole lot and settle comfortably into this moment without question, doubt or hesitation as to if our needs and even desires will be met.

In other words, breathe, allow, breathe, allow, breathe, allow.............

This is the formula for miracle making which there would be a whole lot more of if we would just get out of the way with our limiting beliefs and endless conditions that we put on ourselves and each other.

So instead of waking up and stressing over your endless to do list, and fears of not enough, come back to the glory and peace of this very moment, let go of everything, take a deep breath or two and say to the Source of yourself
"Show me the Miracles".

and remember - breathe, allow, breathe, allow, breathe, allow.............

Cheers to your Well Being!

Author's Bio: 

Nanice is a leader in life coaching, the author of 8 books and the radio host of "Chai with Nanice" - 175 shows available free on itunes and http://www.Nanice.com