This is the story of misuse of scientific attainments the more it is becoming advanced wherein joy is less and sorrow/anguish rule the roost. This trend has just not stopped and in fact day by day it is spreading its vicious net everywhere. Till date all harm faced, all problems undergone are not being solved at all hence what is worrisome is that if the above increases manifold in days to come say, what dire consequences shall have to be faced by world humanity? This can be gauged easily that misuse of scientific attainments even in a miniscule time period has cropped up such dire results and in future if this augments what gigantic harm shall have to be faced.

The philosophy of modern science has its basis on tangible proof. It says that whatever is seen directly in front of us especially by the 5 sense organs only can be said to be true. These conclusions of theirs have given a chief spot to today’s trend of running insanely after benefits that are tangible. Since the controlling discipline of subtle/unseen is overlooked totally modern science has no place for Almighty God, righteousness, religion and self control, pious ethical behavior and meritorious deeds/Punya conjoined to these. By labeling discipline and do’s and don’ts blind faith it has been sidestepped totally. This is done because they feel else man’s individual comforts shall lessen in measure. The theory of demand and supply says that in whatever manner, how much ever benefit one can accrue must be pursued and that in this sacred ideals and ethics must not be allowed to ‘interfere’. This very belief rendering the killing of birds-beasts very ‘natural’ has made this business rise manifold. Over and above harboring hard heartedness towards other creatures does not restrict this vile behavior to them only but that man behaves despicably towards other human beings of his own fraternity too. Over and above labeling mankind the vehicle of beastly behavior/activities carrying out unobstructed lewd sexual acts too has become a very major part of his lowly nature.

In order to unfold new streams of science and intellectualism and on its basis ‘modernity’ that is exhibiting miracles of attaining immediate even if they are fleeting benefits, uprooting ethics and gentlemanly pious behavior from its very fount is rendering man demonically self willed and unruly.

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