It is the perfect way to eat. Not a perfect way, THE perfect way. It works 100% of the time, for 100% of the people. No exceptions, unless of course you don’t do it.

It cannot be turned into a book. Too short. Only 2 sentences.

Many people will cast dispursions on it, doubt it or worse, say “I already know that. . . “ and then do something differently.

It is so simple. Many like complicated formulas, computing calories and grams of fat.

Strange, isn’t it. The perfect solution and it is typically dismissed.

So what is this perfect way to eat.

It is simple: Eat when you are happy. Don’t when you are not.

When you are happy, you choose foods that ideal for your system. You choose the amount that is perfect for your chemistry. Some days may eat more, while others may be sparse. You listen to your body, and take the appropriate actions at the appropriate times. It is perfect, because your innate wisdom is perfect.

You start by being happy, eat accordingly and the happiness expands. Even when life throws its inevitable curveballs your way, you find your way on track and proceed. One of my favorite writers, Stewart Wilde wrote a book that said it best – Life Was Never Meant To Be A Struggle.

Contrast this with the way most people eat. They feel frustrated, angry or depressed and try to use food as a means of altering their chemistry. Think about it. Have you ever heard anyone say “I am so depressed, I ate that whole bag of baby carrots last night.” Instead, foods that are considered unhealthy and amounts that are certainly unhealthy are consumed.

But what if I am depressed all day? You have 2 choices: Find a way to change your state of being or don’t eat.

Don’t eat for a whole day?? Yes. You will live and you will learn. Aside from a mild detoxification and giving your digestive system a break, you are teaching your Being to avoid destructive emotions and focus on its opposite.

So I never get to eat chocolate? Hardly. You can eat as much as you wish but here is the kicker. Typically, when a person is happy, that is not one of the foods they lean towards. And if they do, eating something like this, in THIS state of being (happiness, joy, feelings of abundance etc.), has a much different effect on the body’s chemistry verus its opposite state. Emotions made the difference between healthy and unhealthy. The chocolate did not.

Spend less time doubting this and more time applying it. Your weight will change, you mood will change and thus, your entire life will change for the better.

Plus, you get to be happy. . . . you get to have your cake and eat it too!

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