If you or someone you know has lost a loved one because they have passed on, you’ll know that the hardest thing to deal with is the uncertainty of what may be happening to them, or where they are

Understanding the Body and the Soul
Many people are not aware that our soul and body are separate beings that part at the end of the body’s life. The soul is our true form, and does not die when the body does – it passes on to the afterlife. The misconception that the two remain attached may be part of the reason why people have such difficulty saying goodbye, as they may believe that their loved one is truly dead; but it is just the body that gets worn out. The soul goes on living, just not on Earth.

People may think that the soul leaves once the body has physically died, but this actually happens a few moments before. I am a spiritual sensitive and on a few occasions I have actually been able to see the soul leave a human body before it takes its last breath.

Once this happens, the soul is not just stranded. It is met and guided by deceased loved ones or beings of light, and taken onto its next stage of existence. This is why so many people report seeing a ‘bright light’ in near death experiences, and though many people try to escape this due to fear (proceeding to become ‘earthbounds’), it is definitely not something that wants to harm you. So personally, I would willingly go towards it.

Where do your Loved Ones go?
Grief is a painful experience for anybody. Feeling alone after the passing of a loved one can be very hard to deal with, but are we really alone?

When a spirit first passes on, they do not go straight to Heaven. They need time to rest somewhere in between, to process that they are no longer in their human body on Earth. I like to consider this place as a ‘halfway house’, halfway between Earth and Heaven. While the soul of your loved one rests in this ‘halfway house’, they are still in touch with Earth. They can hear you when you talk about them, they can feel you missing them and they can even visit you. So, while you may miss seeing your loved one, it is very possible that their soul is visiting, right beside you, comforting you.

What do your loved ones do once they have passed on?
Before you can understand what loved ones do after passing on from Earth, you must understand that our existence is a cycle, and our goal is to get back to where we started (God, the source, whatever you choose to call it).

We are here to balance out our karma, so depending on how many good deeds your loved one did during their life on Earth, they will work their way from the ‘halfway house’ and then up through the 7 different realms of existence, eventually returning to God. Essentially, your loved one is working on becoming a better soul. Life after death really is a journey for your loved ones, and will be the same for us one day.

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