Curly hair look beautiful, with their sensuous curls and whorls. Ironically, many women with curly hair don’t take it as a blessing. This is simply because such hair is tough to manage and more prone to a frizzy look.

The secret to managing your curls is to use the right shampoo.

One big benefit of curly hair

They hardly go limp and flat! Due to the numerous curls and whorls, they give your mane a fuller look almost always.

The best shampoo for curly hair

Curly hair often tend to become drier. This is because scalp’s natural oils fail to reach the entire length of strands due to curls that pose as obstacles.

That’s why you must invest in a rich, moisturizing shampoo.

They contain hydrating agents that help to trap moisture in hair shafts, reducing the frizzy appearance. Such shampoos are usually devoid of sulfates. This is a good thing.

Sulfates are notorious for stripping moisture off hair.

When your hair are curly and brittle
If your hair are brittle, ensure that the shampoo contains keratin-based substances. Keratin is hair’s natural protein. Such shampoos help to strengthen hair and reduce their tendency to break.

Conditioning curly hair

This is important.

If your hair are too dry, always condition them. Make sure you choose shampoo and conditioner from the same brand.

Hairfall control

The best hair fall control shampoo, according to trichologists, is the one that contains a fine blend of keratin-based substances, moisturizing agents, mild cleansing agents, botanical extracts that promote hair growth, and little fragrance.

Keratin-based substances strengthen hair and mitigate their breakage. They fight follicle weakness, which is one of the reasons for hair fall.

Moisturizing agents keep hair hydrated. Dry hair tend to break more. They become brittle and lose their vitality, ultimately, falling prematurely.

Botanical extracts like pea extract, flax seed extract, lavender, tea tree, aloe vera, saw palmetto, cypress, and others are amazing for hair growth.

Check if your shampoo contains any of these ingredients.

Apart from all these…

Eat a good, protein-rich diet. Many times, we focus more on choosing hair care products than concentrating on what we are eating. What you put inside shows outside, say hair experts.

So, once you bring home the best shampoo for curly hair, choose the best foods for your hair. Lots of Vitamin C and E, protein, and water contribute to giving you healthier, shinier, and more manageable hair.

If you find your scalp is too oily, try to avoid dairy products for a week and see the difference. Dairy can clog your skin pores.

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