"There are two tragedies in life. One is not to get your heart's desire. The other is to get it." -George Bernard Shaw

I started the website Miami Astrology back in late 2006 and since that time it's gone through a couple of revisions in its design (the last one being in late 2009). I've been meaning to update it for sometime and finally over the last couple of weeks implemented a new design I had been working on. This design uses a palett of subtle colors and lots of images from old books. I love those old line drawings and wanted something to convey the history behind astrology.

I know that I've matured in my knowledge and practice of astrology and I want my website to reflect that fact. I also want the website to more clearly and obviously communicate my beliefs about astrology and the benefits it offers to those who want to know more. I've crafted copy that will (hopefully) resonate with visitors and give you a sense of how this ancient art can be used.

There are still some tweaks that need to be made to the website, and hopefully by next month I'll also have an updated newsletter template that's consistent with the look and feel of the site, too. And I certainly welcome feedback from my visitors, like you, about what you want to see on the site. Are there topics you'd like to read about?

I bring up the redesign and the "new look" because the new moon in Leo is about how we creatively express ourselves in the world. One of the ways I get to do that is through my website. Leo also represents the heart and this new moon can also reveal what you put your heart into.

The Astrology of the New Moon

The new moon occurs on July 30, 2011 at 2:40 PM EDT at 7° of Leo (Chart of the Leo New Moon). Passionate, generous, and regal the sign of Leo the lion infuses this new moon with the desire for drama, creativity, and notarity. Leo is ruled by the sun and it's during this time of year we (here in the northern hemisphere) experience its bright, hot presence as the peak of summer. Leo and the fifth house describe what we do to shine brightly and ensure our immortality: we have a child, create art, or put our personal and unique imprint into endeavors that will live on after we're gone. In essence, Leo's about showing the world what you've got.

[caption id="attachment_2011" align="alignright" width="400" caption=""It is not only fine feathers that make fine birds." Aesop"][/caption]

Leo also rules the heart and through this sign we can express our heart's desires. What makes your heart flutter? What do you want to put your heart into?

Venus, the planet of values, love, and beauty is closely conjunct to this new moon, which will put an emphasis on beginning activities or projects that help us attract others, present ourselves in a better light, or earn more money by showing off our talents. It may be easier this month for us to put ourselves out there thanks to the influence of Uranus. The planet Uranus is making a trine aspect to Venus and to the new moon;  this may add to our magnetism, individualize our efforts, or open up exciting social situations for us.

And while this new moon is generally positive there are two other aspects that we need to be aware of. First, Jupiter in Taurus will be making a square aspect to this new moon. Jupiter in Taurus wants more sensual satisfaction- through food, physical pleasure, or the other senses. The square aspect suggests that over-doing it could hinder or impede the "regal" impression we're trying to make.

The second tricky aspect is the opposition between Mercury and Neptune. Mercury is in its home sign of Virgo and wants facts, details, and procedures- the "truth." Neptune in Pisces, on the other hand, wants impressions, unconditional love and acceptance, and inspired imaginings (regardless of the truth). Can you tell fact from fiction? Are you being so critical as to completely ignore compassion and empathy? Or will you swing in the other direction and space out while ignoring important details? The key is find balance between the imagination and the truth. Considering the new moon in Leo, will you present yourself in a way that's false (Neptune) with nothing to back it up (Mercury in Virgo)? Or can you strike a balance and offer compassionate (Neptune) service (Virgo), effective (Virgo) empathy (Pisces), and inspired (Neptune) information (Mercury)?

I hope Miami Astrology and its content offer you inspired information :-)

If you know your chart then look to the house where 7° of Leo falls to get a better sense of how to use this new lunar cycle to put your best foot forward and show the world what you've got. And if you don't know your chart, I'm always available for consultations to help you make the most of these cycles.

Check out the udpated website (www.miamiastrology.com) and send me your feedback! I'd love to hear from you. And thank you for your continued readership and support!


Author's Bio: 

Ron Archer is an astrologer living in Miami, FL. He uses astrology to help clients understand themselves better, make healthier choices, and cope with challenge and change. Ron blogs regularly on his website www.miamiastrology.com.