Manifestation of humanity and evolution commenced from India. Its focal point was Aryavarta. Aryavarta means where Rivers Ganga & Yamuna flow. In mythological tales it has been the land of Avatars and various missions. Himalayas is said to be the region of demigods. Its heart is Uttarakhand. In this very laboratory Rishis and people of penance advanced their soul force and made divine storehouses of the same. Heaven too is related to it. River Ganges from heaven manifested here. Demigods are said to dwell in Mount Sumeru. Its symbol too is found in the Himalayas. The ice Shivalinga of Nandanvan Kailash too can be seen by all. In order to ascend heaven the Pandavas had chosen this region. History tells us that Saptarishis chose this place for great austerities. The center of worldwide spiritual consciousness is said to be here. Rishis and men of penance dwell here since it oozes with special qualities of a divine environment. Over here very easily Ridhi-Sidhis or Divine Energies manifest. A well planned program of manifesting Satyuga took place here. Powerful radiant people manifested here to usher in the visible Satyuga from the invisible one. Thus those who want proof of the 1st manifestation of Satyuga can find it in this area. The give and take principle between heaven and Golden Era can be found here. It is well known that Dashrath, Arjun and Narad travelled to and fro from heaven. When it was questioned as to who should get credit for it, we must say no doubt the center of Himalayas.

The 10 Avatars of Almighty God took place in Aryavarta. The last 3 are witnessed as memorials, buildings and archeological relics. Ayodhya is Ram’s, Mathura is Krishna’s and Kapilvastu is Buddha’s land of birth. Before them Lord Parshuram incarnated in Uttar Kashi. Over there is the hermitage of Jamadagni. The region of penance of Sapta Rishis is well known as Saptasarovar in Haridwar.

Right from Gomukh to Badarinath the upper mountainous region is said to be heavenly. In its vicinity dwell the descendents of Yakshas, Gandharvas and Kinnaras. Nandanvan is just above Gomukh which is the root of River Ganges. It can be seen here as a true Kailash Shivalinga. It is the fount of Ganga glacier. It is said to be the abode of Lord Shiva. Over here bloom forest herbs like Sanjivani and Brahmakamal. The Somavalli too can be found here. On drinking its Soma juice one becomes divinely intoxicated.

The Uttarakhand region of Himalayas has been the playground of divine sports of demigods. The Rishis chose this as their abode of penance simply because it bloomed with subtle spiritual powers. Various pilgrim spots can be found here. Right since ancient times Panch Prayag, Panch Kashi, Panchshaktipithas and Panchjyotirlingas dwell here. It is the fount of Rivers Ganga-Yamuna and is the birth region of Harishchandra, Vasishtha, Dadhichi, Arjun, Hanuman etc. Chakravarti King Bharat was born in the Kanva Ashram over here in Shakuntala’s womb. Luv-Kush just like their father Ram, were born here. In this area also were born and evolved other Avatars, divine people, great people, thinkers, men of austerities and scriptural seers. Right since time immemorial people full of soul power were born and advanced here. All of them in their own way took up their various responsibilities and contributed extraordinarily to manifest a Golden Era in every nook and corner of the world.

In greenhouses plants are grown. After their roots become sufficiently strong they are removed from the greenhouse and planted in open spaces. Over there they grow further into huge trees. The regional environment of Aryavarta is such a fertile area where in comparison to the entire world a lot of scholarliness blooms. At short distances you find pilgrim spots like Kashi, Prayag, Naimisharanya, Chitrakut, Sarnath, Shravasti etc. The 3 fold union of rivers is called Tirtharaj or king among pilgrim spots. Just as this area oozes with pilgrim spots so too does it bloom with many great people considered to be crest jewels amongst men. This is the land of Daksha, Nagarjun, Vishwakarma, Dhanvantari etc. Kunti had given birth to divine sons. Hanuman was born to Anjana thus. Over here a close bond gets established between demigods and human beings.

This discussion is about the root center. Its special nature and seniority can be accepted. But their activities cannot be allowed to remain limited in this area only. They can be seen to become all pervasive right from one end of the earth to the other.

If world history of various cultures is studied deeply it becomes clear that civilized behavior has travelled everywhere in the world from here. Thus based on the land and its environment it evolved in a special manner. Further in ancient times those languages spoken in various countries have evolved in a regional manner using Sanskrit words as its foundation. If we study world history artistic skills vary in different nooks of the globe yet its fount is one only. The nature of scientific industry may differ based on contemporary needs yet their root principles are one only. There is unity in diversity the world over. This depends on unity of its fount. Very slowly various streams in varied forms have been discovered by various people. Yet its foundation rests in Rigveda and Atharvaveda. The root principles of Medical Sciences manifest from Ayurveda and via Sushruta, Vanbhatta, Prabhriti and other scientists on the basis of availability, requirements and attainments they have been molded variedly.

In this manner within principles of religion, spirituality, ethics, good behavior etc along with means used in daily lives one finds a well defined designing. Even in this scattered state its gist tells us that its root was one. It is definite that all this arose from India and based on situations it travelled to various destinations. Within regional traditions a big difference is noted yet their foundation and root cause is one only. If one belief appears varied in the social application arena it should be looked upon as due to difference of situation. Take any example. If its worldwide influence is studied and if we try to unfold its root cause we will have to conclude unanimously that that this variedness is the multifaceted manifestation of one seed only. What is the seed? As an answer it can be clearly said that Indian Philosophy is knowledge and wisdom, based on divine precepts. A father is one but the appearance of his children varies. Despite noting differences in worldwide tradition and beliefs its commencement took place from a singular tradition and is proved to be the leader.

Why is the aforesaid difference at its root conjoined to oneness? In order to comprehend this we must understand that those people who initially established civilization they helped it grow in separate regions. Who were the ones who actually did this? To know this we must travel to the times of Golden Era and understand the Rishi tradition of those times. Indian Philosophy is based on the tenet of ‘ekoham bahusyam’ or ‘I am one and desire to be many’. God who was one wished to become many and this desire by taking the form of inspiration and activity created the subtle and gross family of this cosmos. The human consciousness of God by becoming Brahmavarchas or Divine Light incarnates in human beings. This class is called Brahmins. Its 2 categories are Purohits and Parivrajaks. If in them dawn religiosity and material progress it is but natural. If it is conjoined to the desire of becoming all pervasive and rendering others the same and there is a deep yearning for apt world management there is nothing to be amazed about.

History of earth is indeed very ancient. It can be called beginning less. It is difficult to point out its beginning. It can be thought of as various Kalpas but with reference to the nearby Satyuga it is apt to infer that it must have been those times which gave great importance to Rishi tradition. This long time span on reaching the Ramayan-Mahabharat times ended with changes as Treta-Dwapar.

Treta predominated with political rule. In Dwapar economy predominated. In Kaliyuga people become unruly and had no faith in ethics etc. Certain illnesses can be transferred from one person to another. Seasons influence everybody. When certain trends emerge in society everyone follows it blindly. If a money plant is sown on a tree it spreads on the entire tree. The pervading of era tradition too occurs thus. Via certain brilliant people they manifest and by augmenting its body it encompasses the entire environment. Satyuga became widespread similarly. In this time span everyone was sensitive. Since they were full of self control and magnanimity selfishness could not even touch them. Everyone imbibed simple living high thinking. Full of contentment and hard work they fulfilled their own requirements. Over and above this so much remained with them that they could selflessly serve/help others. They helped uplift those who were backward and downtrodden. Generosity of radiant people and gratefulness of the lower strata of society together naturally created such a state which can be called unity and equality.

In Satyuga everyone was prosperous. This does not indicate that they had huge coffers of silver, gold, cash etc. Their basic needs were taken care of and if with this much they oozed with contentment, know for sure that they were truly wealthy. The experience of satiation is the test of true prosperity. If even Kuber the god of wealth is discontented saying his financial status is ‘weak’ know for sure he will wail aloud at his ‘ill fortune’.

In Satyuga where on the one hand people harbored contentment towards material comforts there on the other hand they had self control as far as various desires are concerned. The mad elephant of desires cannot be controlled without self mastery. Man becomes so potent because of self control in the realms of sense organs, wealth, time and thinking that with the obstruction of wasteful expenses the mountain of glory stands in his/her midst.

Satyuga is nothing but living a life of zest and helping others do so, wiping off others tears, living with true cooperation etc. This then spreads out in every corner of the world. This then was the Golden Era of very ancient times.

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