Facts about female infertility

Infertility is one of the most common problems that today’s women are facing. There are several reasons that cause infertility including ovulation problem, endometriosis, or blocked Fallopian tubes amongst others. This is a complex problem and generally varies from woman to woman and from couple to couple.

Currently, herbs and natural remedies are well-known and have proven effective in boosting fertility and aiding in offering a natural platform of regaining a healthy balancing of hormones. Following are some of the most beneficial fertility remedies for women.

Most recommended natural remedies for female fertility

  • Eating right: Although one believes it or not, eating the right food plays an essential role in the body’s fertility. Everyone is well aware of the fact that a healthy and balanced diet is vital for the health and the same applies to fertility as well. A well-balanced diet aids in regulating the hormones and nourishing the reproductive system. A proper diet also helps one in maintaining a healthy weight; a major reason that can greatly impact fertility. Overweight or underweight women are likely to face difficulty while becoming pregnant as the levels of body fat impacts the sex hormone production. Women are highly recommended to include vitamins, minerals, zinc, iron and calcium in their daily diet. This is one of the foremost fertility remedies for women.
  • Exercise: after food follows exercise. Mild-moderate exercise is a good fertility treatment. Exercise in conjunction with a nutritious and balanced diet helps in maintaining a healthy body weight. Surplus fat in the body is likely to augment the estrogen amount in the body thereby throwing the fertility cycle in women out of balance. Doing mild exercise will help to shed the extra pound thereby enabling the levels of hormone to get back to normal. For best results avoid overdoing exercise as this may impair fertility. Low impact workouts such as cycling, swimming and walking are considered the best fertility remedies for women.
  • Sexual positions: All women who are experiencing difficulty in becoming pregnant must experiment with diverse positions of conception during intercourse. For achieving conception, the male partner needs to deposit his sperm closest to the female partner’s cervix. There are few positions that will enable this process to happen easily. For best results, one must avoid having an intercourse while sitting, standing or with the female partner on top as this is likely to result in the leaking of semen from the body. Instead one must go for missionary positions that enable deeper penetration.

These are some of the best and most recommended fertility remedies for women to try their hands on to enjoy a healthy womanhood.

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