Are you feeling bored, frustrated or depressed when you look at your business? Do you wonder if there is some easier way to create your dreams, or whether you are doomed to stay stuck and struggling?

The good news is that in this series on The Missing Link to Success, we look at the five components that I have found are central to creating a prosperous life. Here’s the formula we mentioned earlier:


As well as the article called The Missing Link to Success, which provides an overview of the whole series, there is an article for each of these ‘Five Ps’, so look for them wherever you found this article! I’m going to assume you’ve read the summary article plus the articles on Passion and Purpose. Once you have reset your passion and purpose, you are ready to look at your unique POSITION…

Now, I am using this word ‘position’ in a particular sense. The main dictionary definition is: “the right or appropriate place, a strategic area, the way something is placed; social standing, status or rank; a post of employment, a job; a principle or proposition.” Those meanings all play into this, but the real definition of position as I’m using it here is this: your POSITION is your unique place in the circle, the place that allows you to fulfill your assignments, make use of all your skills and talents, and bring in whatever you agreed to do, be and have according to your divine blueprint (in the microcosm) and the overall Plan of God (in the macrocosm). Your position is about your uniqueness, what you were set apart to do, the part you are here to play; it also involves how you position yourself vis-à-vis the people you are here to work with or for as you solve problems in the service of humanity and/or God (meaning that larger, more complex intelligence of which every human is a part).

In my view, your position is a reflection of what makes you ‘peculiar’ – that is, what sets you apart from every other human being: your talents, interests, experiences, training, genius, wiring and ‘grain’. The way your brain works is unique – and that is your gift to the world. Have you ever felt that you are in exactly the right place at the right time, with the correct people to do your job or assignment? That’s when you are in the best position for you. Even when there are challenges, that position feels stimulating and fun, more like play than the kind of drudgery or struggle we often associate with ‘work’. When you are in your correct position, success is easy.

So how do you identify and develop your position, and how do you use that position to create and sustain relationships with the other people or situations you are meant to work with?

As with passion and purpose, your position is laid out in your divine blueprint. As with purpose, position has five components:


As discussed in other articles, PASSION is whatever you have strong, positive feelings about. Your passions are a combination of what you love, know, desire, excel at, focus on, and the problems or solutions you see that others don’t. Your passions are the best pointer to what you are here to do, because they form your ‘grain’ and therefore where you can serve most effectively.

1. Do you have 100% of your innate passion?
2. Are you running another’s passion(s)? How many? Identify?

PURPOSE is, of course, what you are specifically here to do: the problems you are here to solve, the assignments you are to accomplish during this particular lifetime. As with passion, some people have a specific, singular purpose; others have several, smaller purposes depending on circumstances and stage of life. However, in this case there is usually an over-arching purpose that forms the general direction of your life. Of course, the more you are aligned with your purpose, the more synchronicity you will experience in your life.

1. Do you have access to 100% of your purpose as shown in your divine blueprint?
2. Are you pursuing another’s purpose? How many? Identify?

GENIUS is what you get when your Spirit (the eternal part of your system) pushes through into your soul (what you think, feel, believe and desire) to create excellence in your life. Your genius is the specific way the God of your being expresses itself in your life. For example, Mozart had a fabulous genius for composition, and Einstein had a genius for physics: neither could possibly have done anything else. Everyone has some kind of genius… the trick is finding it!

1. Do you have 100% of your built-in genius? If not, what do you require to do so?
2. Are you exhibiting another’s genius? How many? Identify?

SERVICE is about how you are serving others and/or God. Depending on your specific blueprint, this can be small-scale – as a parent or spouse, for instance – or global (think ‘Dalai Lama’), or anywhere in between. Many of us are drawn to service positions such as teaching, coaching, spirituality, medicine, or the law. Politics attempts to serve the city, state, nation or world, even if we don’t agree with the specific policies of a given politician.

1. Are you 100% ready, willing and able to undertake your divine service?
2. Are you serving incorrectly or in the wrong direction? How many ways? Identify?

STEWARDSHIP can be part of your service, but more generally refers to what you are here to guard or look after. For example, we are all to be stewards of the earth, and all the plants and animals and people on the earth. This is not the same as serving those specfic plants, animals or people. Although stewardship can be active and the ‘how’ of it therefore involves serving, it is more about holding, maintaining, supporting, cherishing and honoring that particular sector, level or group. Stewardship is the part of the plan that God assigns us to look after.

1. Do you have 100% of your stewardship? How many areas of stewardship? Identify?
2. Are you looking after any incorrect stewardship(s)? How many? Identify

To recap, your unique position vis-à-vis yourself, other people (including your clients and colleagues), the world at large, and the God of your being depends on knowing and living your passion, purpose, genius, service and stewardship. As all these are preprogrammed in your inner records, the most useful thing you can do is to look within rather than to depend on others to reflect who you are and what you are here to do.

So take a minute… close your eyes… let your energy field expand… bigger, bigger, bigger… let it encompass the world. Now step back, look at you, your programming, your divine blueprint and ask, “What is my unique position? Don’t think, just listen… and prepare to be surprised!

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