What is purpose? Dictionary definitions include “something set up as an object; an end to be attained; a subject under discussion or an action in the course of execution; determination or resolution the matter at hand or the point at issue.” In short, purpose means ‘what you are here to do’ – and that is always connected to your passions! This means that you get through God School by doing what you love. It doesn’t have to be a struggle; you get to do what you’re here to do – to take your place in the circle of life – and have a great time doing it!

So if you had the kind of religious upbringing that taught you to be overly modest, self-effacing, ‘less than’, wrong, bad, guilty or unacceptable in any way, you get to delete those programs right now! Picture a button and physically press that button now while you make a sound like ‘beep’ or ‘delete’. (The action and sound together brings both left and right brains together, and integrates whatever you are working on.) Press that button NOW! Give it a moment to run through your inner bio-computers, then touch your fingertips together and say SEAL!

Now that’s gone, what are you naturally programmed for? Your passions hold the key. In the Passion article we looked at seven components of passion. Purpose has five components, so let’s look at each one:


LIGHT is one of the two components of intelligence – meaning divine intelligence as well as human intelligence. Intelligence is truth and light; above every light is a higher light, and above every truth is a higher truth. Your truth is your records, including your purpose, and those records are read by light. So naturally you have use the correct light, in quantity and quality, or you won’t be able to read your records. Think of the CD drive in your computer – if the laser is out, you won’t be able to use the programs on your disk or your hard drive. So you need to make sure you’re not running rotten, reversed, unbalanced or negative light. You can also be running someone else’s light, and of course that is never going to give the same read (or the same intelligence) as you were designed to run.

1. What percent of your correct light do you have?
2. Are you running someone else’s light? ARe you running reversed, polarized, negative, rotting, unbalanced, or ‘frozen’ light?

FOCUS is about where you choose (consciously or unconsciously) to spend your time, money, energy and attention. Focus is a combination of what you think and what you feel, and 90% of it will be unconscious. You can identify your focus by what turns up in your life, because your focus attracts, is attracted to, or creates your physical creation.

Whatever you focus on will expand in your life. To put it another way, the universe always says ‘Yes’. Whether it’s positive or negative, if you’re focused on something, the universe assumes you want more of that. So if you spend a lot of time worrying about paying your bills, you’ll get more financial anxiety. If you choose to lean into grudges, real or imagined, then the universe will send you more of those. If you decide this planet is a friendly place, and assume that every-one you meet will treat you well, that focus will attract and allow that to be your reality.

If you want to align with your divine blueprint, then you must start focusing on what IT tells you, rather than what your history, school, spouse, family, culture, football team or news channel presents for your attention. Does your focus make you feel lighter and happier? Then it’s probably a good direction for you. If your focus makes you feel irritated, frustrated, angry or depressed, then it’s not the right topic for you. You especially want to avoid conversations that demand the response “ain’t it awful”, as they will only take you to a lower frequency or vibration. Pay attention to how people make you feel, as well. If you are consistently tired after someone visits or calls, they are taking your focus (and your energy). Try to spend time only with people who elevate your mood and make you feel great about your life!

1. What percent are you focusing on what your divine blueprint has for you?
2. Are you focusing on anything incorrectly, such as worry, anxiety, fear or doubt?

Your purpose can found in your RECORDS. Your divine blueprint lays out exactly what you are here to do and how/when/where to do it… if you are able to read your records. (Helping you get clear enough to read your records is the whole point of Geotran programming – plus, or course, you need that light I mentioned earlier.) The truth of you is written in every atom and cell of your being, so really you have to work fairly hard to avoid your own blueprint, and yet we humans consistenly manage to misunderstand, misinterpret, or simply miss what we are here to do. On this planet, only humans manage to disobey their own natures and the divine plan. It’s really quite creative, in a negative way.

Reading your records is as simple as taking a deep breath, setting your intention to KNOW what you are designed for, and using your inner vision to focus on your divine blueprint. Most of us make the mistake of telling God what we want to do. It’s so much more efficient -- and profitable – to assume that there is a divine plan, and then ASK what your part in that might be… what your nature or grain is set up to do, be and have. All of that is encoded in your records.

1. What percent are you ready, willing and able to read your own records?
2. Are you accidentally reading another's records? Or has anyone altered your records?

VISION is your inner and outer picture of your perfect world and your place in it. Once you start to connect with your own records, the unique ‘book’ you are here to exemplify, you will naturally start to develop images of what you are to do. Usually this has to do with solving some kind of problem in the world, whether locally or on a large-scale. You are uniquely designed to do certain things. In the grand plan, no one can take your place, so it’s vital for you to do what you are designed to do. Thankfully, you were also born with the skills, talents and passions to do exactly that. So start looking within to ‘see’ what you’re here for!

1. What percent do you have the higher vision of the divine path and plan for you?
2. Are you running someone else’s vision for your life? How many? Identify?

Finally, you need an awareness of OBEDIENCE to identify and follow your purpose. Obedience means alignment with your divine blueprint, with the life-path you agreed to and help to create before the foundation of the world. (It’s not about blind obedience to your parents, church, the state, police, etc.) The question becomes, “Does this action/direction bring me into alignment with my divine blueprint?” And that is a very liberating question, because you no longer have to feel torn between what you want (emotionally) and what you think you should want (mentally). Obedience or alignment takes you above those soul level conditions into Spirit, which is always better for you and everyone around you.

1. What percent are you in obedience to your divine blueprint?
2. Are you accidentally in alignment with someone else’s blueprint?

So there you have it: put together your light, focus, records, vision and obedience, and you WILL find your purpose… and then you can move forward confidently, sure that you are fulfilling your assignments on this planet – on purpose!

Author's Bio: 

r. Kyre Adept is a certified Geotran™ human programmer and integration coach, bringing spirit back into business. Her practice ART of Integration is based in Santa Barbara; by phone and Skype, she helps high-flyers all over the world create their magnificent lives. For a free strategy session go to www.ART-of-Integration.com and find out how human reprogramming can help you soar!