The Buddha taught that awareness has universal effects. Be aware of the lifestyle you choose. What is good for you is also good for the animals and Earth itself. Be aware of yourself as both physical and spiritual beings. This relationship empowers you. Be aware of the Mind Body Spirit connection. It allows you to create a fuller and more meaningful life on Earth.

Reframe your inner talk and use your mind’s power for positive change.
Your every thought vibrates and attracts similar thoughts. You increase your stress with thoughts that make you feel bad. You weaken your body’s immune system. Instead choose good feeling thoughts or at least thoughts that make you feel better. Express your appreciation often. This simple act anchors you in the present and raises your energy level.

These mental practices assist you in letting go of concerns for past and future. They cultivate your inner strength. They increase your passion for life. They support your body’s capacity to heal. Your mind is a powerful ally. With each good feeling thought you promote your general well-being and joyful living.

Stimulate the healing power of your body with regular exercise.
Neuroscience has convincingly shown the healing power of the human body. Your body is a complex, interconnected system. Each function affects the others. With its trillions of cells, your intelligent body seeks balance at all times. Make one change and you affect the whole. Simple lifestyle changes can have powerful effects.

Choosing one positive habit, such as regular exercise, helps mind and body. The heart pumps more blood and sends oxygen and nutrients to the brain and organs. You look, think and feel better. You strengthen your immune system and enjoy more vitality. With each conscious choice you tap into your body’s natural wisdom. You stimulate your body’s healing power.

Focus your attention within and nourish your inner Spirit.
You are constantly bombarded by external stimuli. You don’t have much time for stepping away from the outside world. And yet personal transformation happens from the inside out.

Quiet time alone restores life balance and raises self-awareness. You go within and connect with something larger than yourself. But how can you hear wisdom from within, if you are never still enough to listen? When possible, walk alone in natural surroundings and reconnect with Earth. You renew body, mind and spirit with time for yourself. Solitude is not a luxury.

Be gentle with yourself and easy about your life. Keep your goals simple, clear and consistent. Single out one area where you want to begin. Choose what feels good to you. Progress in one area almost always leads to progress in others. And commit to sharing your progress with someone else on a regular basis. This practice gives you the best chance for making a change.

You are an infinite choice maker. With each choice you are creating your future. Be aware of what matters the most to you and make conscious choices. With them you are promoting your general well-being. Seek the personal transformation that gives life more meaning. When you make a decision to honor the Mind Body Spirit connection, you grow and thrive. You find more life passion, balance and joy.

Author's Bio: 

Mary Beth Ford, Ed. D., is the author of Wisdom from the Gardens: Life Lessons and creator of Garden Wisdom Teleseminars. She specializes in the area of life balance, which she describes as balance between outer world and inner Self. In her work Mary Beth shares her five powerful garden lessons for living with balance and joy. Using nature images she gives us a new vision of ourselves and our world. Her desire is to help busy people live with Spirit in the world. To learn more, visit Mary Beth's website at and listen to her inspiring reflection on world and Spirit.