Magic is a collection of energy that forms within your soul to help you create your deepest desires in the physical world. Magic has been practiced for years by the ancestors and passed throughout the generations. The ancestors originated in Africa of course, where everything began. The Bible even states the origins of the beginning of time.

Africa is the beginning of all life and civilization. It is there we learned how to listen to the trees and meditate in the forest. In this beautiful spiritual
land, we learned about healing our bodies naturally with herbs and using the power of intuition. The ancestors of the land were introduced and taught the knowledge and practices of the Divine Ones from those who have
walked with them. Their divine laws and insights on the afterlife were left inside of the pyramids written as heir graphics. Their spiritual practices and
laws are found within the Emerald Tablets. The practice of meditation and yoga to center the mind, body, and spirit all developed in the heart of Africa, but unfortunately we have lost our way.

A different mindset was placed on our ancient practices
throughout the course of time. We were told that candle magic and altar works are negative, evil, and goes against the Most High which is far from the truth.
Most materials and divination tools used in African Spirituality are also used by Christian religious groups today. Truth is, none of these religions would have any substance if it wasn’t for the knowledge discovered and adopted by the Ancient Ones. The mindset that was placed upon us, is that only God holds the power and keys to our destiny which leads us to believe that we have no control over our lives.

God is the Most High and Creator of the Universe. We are told he is the father, so as his child I hold a piece of his divine power. I adopted his essence and his peace. Peace is the key when communicating to the Divine
and living your best life. You must understand that this Earth has been equipped to provide of us with all of our living and healing needs. Everything works together.. the Universe, Nature, and You! When we block
out our divine power, we take away our responsibility to live a meaningful divine and fulfilling life.

Placing blame on lower vibrations like the Devil for our mistakes and selfish deeds only places in an illusion that leaves us unaccountable for our actions and consequences. When we blame alcohol, drugs, our parents, or society for the conditions and circumstances of our lives, it takes the attention and focus off of ourselves.

We must acknowledge we come from the divine in order to step into our most divine selves. We must practice working with our divine gifts in order to utilize them accordingly. Rituals and altar work must be done in order to connect and give thanks to the Divine Ones. We must be comfortable communicating with the dead in order to receive supernatural messages. Practice makes perfect and we must get back to our roots in order to find ourselves.

Author's Bio: 

I am a spiritual intercessor who communicates with spirit guides. I provide messages sent to me by the ancestors and angels who watch over you in your everyday life. They have a divine message for you and I am here to make sure you receive that message and live in the Spirit.