We are always surrounded by unseen resources just waiting to support our every desire. I call it The Magic Behind The Curtain. It’s the Universe, our Spirit Guides, Angels, God, family and friends who have passed and many other energetic beings who are always available to help us on our journey.

They provide support in so many ways we are often times not even aware. What I do know is that every time I seek out my support team, they always come through for me. Perhaps not in the way I specifically ask, but always in the way that serves my highest good.

It’s my trust and faith in this team that allows me access to them. Believing that they will come through for me gives me the freedom to surrender and allow for The Magic to happen.

It’s a full team effort though. It includes my Inner Wisdom too. So before I actually ask for guidance or support, I need to be clear that what I am asking for FEELS like the right next step for me. As long as I do, I create the partnership with the Magic and listen for what’s next.

A great example was the mastermind program I joined at the beginning of this year. When I joined I had no idea how I was going to pay for it each month. It was a significant investment it my time, energy and money! In the moment that I said, “Yes!” to it I DID NOT have a plan for how I would pay for it.

What I did know was that it was the very best next step for me both personally and professionally. I knew that because I checked in with my Inner Wisdom and she gave me an, “Absolutely! Go for it girl!” And when I get that kind of response on an inner level I know it’s the right next step and all I need to do from there is make the decision and the rest will unfold. (I know that it’s a scary place to be, that’s where the trust and faith comes in).

I’m a Libra, the sign of The Scales. I strive for balance and fairness, often times to a fault. My husband jokes with me about how I teach what I know. He pictures me holding the scales and on one side is Practicality and the other is Spirituality.

That works very well for me. There is an absolute balance of both in this work. You can’t have one without the other. So if these steps seem a bit simple for you, please understand that my belief in them comes from a place deep inside me that has practiced them over and over, and taught many times to many clients and it is the simplicity that makes them work.

I learned this process from one of my mentors and have tweaked it a bit to make it work for me. I have found great success in its execution, as I know you will too!

Here’s how I do it:

  1. Identify the opportunity/problem you need help with ~ For me it was joining the yearlong mastermind program.
  2. Get out your journal and ask your Inner Wisdom these questions:
    • Is this something I want to be/do/have?
    • Is being/doing/having this going to bring me closer to my purpose or goal?
    • Does being/doing/having this offer expansion to the Universe? (Does it serve the higher good of all?)
    • Does being/doing/having this harm another in any way?

    If you answer, “yes” to the first three bullets and “no” to last, then you need do nothing more then declare your decision to move forward. Period.
    This is the moment where the Magic Behind The Curtain gets busy lining up opportunities to support your decision.

  3. Partner with your Inner Wisdom ~ Once you have made your decision ask for guidance. Tell your support team what you need help with. Be sure to ask for what you need on an inner level as well as an outer. Perhaps you’d like to activate more faith that you really are supported. Perhaps you’d like more confidence or patience.

Important note: If upon declaring your decision, your next thoughts are a bunch of “yeah buts” then you will rescind your decision and all your support will cease.

For example, there is no way I would have attracted the money and activated the commitment and dedication to my mastermind group if I got caught up in a bunch of:

  • “Yeah but, how am I going to pay for this?”
  • “Yeah but, where am I going to find time?”
  • “Yeah but, this is going to be hard work.”

The ‘yeah buts’ are doubtful energy and not in alignment with the Magic. So if you go there you will cancel out all your intentions.

Stay in the place of faith, trust and surrender and you will be provided for, every single time. Not a month has gone by since I joined my mastermind that I have not been able to complete the work and attract the money to support my success.

We’ve had it wrong all along. It’s not that when you SEE it you’ll BELIEVE it. It’s when you BELIEVE it first, that you will see it! THAT’S THE MAGIC!

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