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According to the BOOK, it was 900,000,000 years ago, when a group of divine beings known as “life carriers,” examined Urantia and felt it could be adopted as Urantia and felt it could be adopted as a life-experiment stations. There are only sixty-six worlds similar to our own in the entire, galaxy of all planets where the life carriers are permitted to undertake certain life-experiments in an effort to modify or possibly improve the standard universe types of living beings. All other inhabited worlds, which are the majority, follows a different set of rules. And should we feel blessed? Yes, of course! For it means a fragment of God exist inside us and we are given a special gift to develop it and become worthy of having everlasting life beyond what our human eyes can see!

Perhaps, that’s why I feel I’m always being watched and observed. But, that’s a good thing. My guardian angel or spirit guide or both if both exit, has protected me either through action, a gentle nudge or a soft whisper.
Despite several incidences of having a life-threatening situation involving one several, I’ve experience at a young age, a gun being pointed at me. The incident took place as I was walking down a lonely stretch of road heading towards the bus stop. On one side of the road was an orange grove and on the other was a cow pasture. Two men stood in the orange grove. One of the men held a gun pointed directly at me. Lucky for me, I wasn’t alone. I felt a presence next to me warning me not to run. The man holding to gun wanted me to run and if I did, he probably would have shot me. Instead, I ignored him continuing on my way. No sooner had I made it to the bus stop when a sheriff’s car pulled up. There were a few other kids at the stop and the two deputies remained inside their car while they ask them questions. Intuitively, I knew they were asking questions about these men and so I walked up to their car and told them what I’d experienced.

At first, I knew they didn’t believe me, since I appeared very calm and not as a frightened child. But, as I gave a description of both men, that’s when they believed me. The two deputies got out of their vehicle, remove two rifles from the trunk and walked towards the orange grove. I would never know what happened after that, because the school bus had arrived.

Life was not ready for development when the life carriers examined our world. They would continue to watch the planet until life could exist, since our planet would go through many charges, until it could handle any form of life, no matter how small.

850,000,000 years ago, the first real epoch of the stabilization of the Earth’s crust began. Most of the heavier metals had settled down toward the center of the globe, while the cooling crust had ceased to cave-in and was beginning to finally settle. However, volcanic eruption and earthquakes continued to exist, but not as often. The atmosphere was clearing of volcanic gases and water vapor, but the percentage of carbon dioxide was still high.

Electrical disturbances in the air and in the earth were also decreasing. The lava flows had brought to the surface a mixture of elements which diversified the crust and better insulated the planet from certain space-energies. And all of this did much to facilitate the control of terrestrial energy and to regulate its flow, as is disclosed by the functioning of the magnetic poles.
A continental land mass began to rise out of the water 800,000,000 years ago which would later as separate into the 7 continents we are familiar with, but, of course, this separation and permanency would take millions of years.

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Check out Ms. Oberne’s work-in-progress, “The Birth of Jesus and Beyond.” FREE to READ.

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