Over the last several years, holistic dentistry has increased in popularity for a variety of reasons. Causing consumers to abandon traditional dentistry and explore the new world of dentistry.

However, with this increasing popularity of holistic dentists, many are wondering exactly how it’s increasing in popularity.

Down below will highlight the origin of this subject, why it’s increasing in popularity and other specifics surrounding it.

Origin of Holistic Dentists
The association surrounding holistic dentistry formed in the late 1970s when the traditional sense of dental health wanted to be changed by a group of dentists.

Nonetheless, it has risen in popularity and it’s how it is today. Making it a very solid and popular form of dentistry today.

Why it’s increasing in popularity
The main reason it continues to increase in popularity is because of what the practice is all about. Instead of solely focusing on keeping teeth clean, it’s also about the entire body.

Meaning that holistic or biological dentists understand how certain chemicals or surgeries on the teeth can be more harm than good.

Highlighting that although certain traditional practices can technically keep teeth clean, they do a lot of harm on the body.

Harm such as acne, thyroid problems, and countless other issues are caused by the chemicals and aspects surrounding traditional dentistry.


Why they avoid mercury
In traditional dentistry, dentists use a lot of mercury, especially for fillings. Holistic dentists, on the other hand, avoid mercury at all costs.

It’s proven that mercury is bad for us, so would we want it in our mouth? This is the exact thought process of holistic dentists.

They understand the importance of not having something bad like mercury in someone’s mouth when they discuss dental health.

Because of this, holistic dentists use fillings that they feel are safe for the person to have in their mouths.

How they remove fillings

When they need to remove fillings that contain mercury, holistic dentists do everything in their power to safely remove them.

They remove them via suction, while everyone and everything is safely put away from any bacteria.

Holistic dentists believe that everything in the world surrounding dentistry is toxic and they just want to find the least toxic and healthiest ways for patients to have good dental health.

Other information
Generally speaking, holistic dentists have a ton of knowledge on the overall body in comparison to traditional dentists.

They understand the body better and know that dentistry is more than just making teeth clean. It’s about allowing patients to have great dental health, while also making sure their body isn’t harmed in the process. Please get in touch with a holistic dentist near you.

Why you should consider
If you’re a person who cares about their health, then you should consider a holistic dentist. They take a look at their patients more closely than a traditional dentist and will discuss with you a variety of ways to keep your dental health good.

Thus, the reason why no matter the person, they should consider checking a holistic dentist.

Where to find a holistic dentist
No matter where a person lives, they can find a holistic dentist near them with a few google searches. Within no time, a bunch of options will pop-up and they just need to do their due diligence to see which option is best for them. 


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