How you live a great life by learning how to discover and follow your path (excerpt from the book The 5 Laws of Conscious Living)

Living life from your center means that your experience of life is not determined by external life situations. As you grow, you learn about yourself, and you begin to shift your perspective to looking at difficult challenges in your life as learning opportunities. Living life with more consciousness and abundance than you used to believe was possible is an endeavor which requires focus. When you act from this point a vital energy radiates from you as you make empowering choices that have meaning in your life. Material items or superficial relationships can never duplicate this vitality. Your emotions provide the clues that you need to live from your center. Denying and hiding from emotions is an incredible waste of your psychic energy.

Your mind/ego has long ago created a belief that it is involved in a battle for control. Thus, it keeps trying to suppress emotions, space or focuses on labeling them good and bad. In doing so; you lose your internal GPS or compass. For this to occur you must invest your energy repressing your feelings-so paradoxically, by spending so much of your energy controlling them- they are controlling you! take a look at the following list for indicators of inauthentic living and emotional suppression:

Pretending to be someone you’re not.

Chronic depression.

Constantly distracted by focusing on the past or future.

Chasing relationships.

Inability to be alone or always alone (either extreme).

Chronic health conditions.

Spiritual illness.

Blaming others.

Embracing ineffective roles (victim, helplessness, etc…).

Chronic emotional pain.

Maladaptive behaviors (excess eating, drinking etc…).

Abuse of any kind.

The statistics describing how many unhappy people there are seem incredible. Yet we live and then we raise our children within these same dogmas, and they join with us in becoming disempowered. We live without questioning our beliefs. We blame others for how we feel, and we do not ask this simple question:

Choice Point: Are my decisions effective in bringing my dreams closer?

Are you unhappy? Are you medicating with Prozac or Zoloft? Are you living in fear of the next anxiety attack? Do you notice how many unhappy parents are there? How many unhappy children are there? How many unhappy people go to jobs they hate and how many unhappy people feel they have no choice? Do you know anyone like this, or does this describe your life? Living this way is hazardous to your health!

Every day that you ignore your internal compass, you affect your DNA on the cellular level. Disharmony is an ever-increasing slide toward ill health. This is the glass box you’re in and nobody but you can break it! By refusing to examine your beliefs, or hiding from emotions, you exist within the constraints of this glass box. You can’t see it, but you can feel it. This represents the limits of life first imposed upon you by society, but now continued by you.

You want someone, anyone to break the box that surrounds you. But, if someone else does break it, you will rebuild it. Slowly and surely, you will reconstruct what you know, not realizing you are rebuilding it until it is too late, and you are back inside the box. What was once placed on you from outside, you’ve learned to do from inside. Your training has become so ingrained, gone on so long, that rebuilding this box has become a subconscious process and only you can disassemble it.

Consider this for a moment-If you ran a business and it produced the poor results you see every day, you would scrap it and try something new. This is not some pre-ordained existence that you must follow. You have control of where your life goes from this moment forward. By removing blame, and by using your motions to help you pay attention and revealing your path you will allow a greater experience of life into your reality.

Imagine the powerful energy you reclaim for life by living authentically. Would having more clarity and energy allow your career and finances to build rapidly? Would being clear on your beliefs and intentions bring you closer to the life you desire? Do you think living from your center allows deeper connections and relationships?

Of course, they would! If you are not living in this way you have some subconscious emotional payoff to certain behaviors, even if they are ineffective. This payoff of attaching to depression, anxiousness, obesity, anorexia or other dysfunction allows you to participate in a subconscious role of learned helplessness. Consciously you are not aware of this, this feels like you, but these are often only habituated responses. Is ineffective to blame or to label ineffective behaviors as right or wrong. They are behaviors that worked at one time in your life to accomplish something, but we are powerful beings and we can choose our beliefs and create a new reality. Because we have this power, our lives are changeable. These behaviors represent different psychological pieces you developed to get to where you are today. You would not be here unless the skills and coping behaviors you developed worked in some way. These behaviors served a purpose, and since you are here now, they served you successfully! These coping mechanisms become your habituated behaviors, and these habituated behaviors become unconscious beliefs.

Part of living in this moment is to thank and release these old behaviors as you become aware of them. Acknowledge them for the purpose they served you in your past.

Unfortunately, the same behaviors that served us well growing up are often the same ones that cause us the most trouble as adults. People walk around every day continuing subconscious behaviors, unhappy and unbelieving; sure they will never have the life they desire. They do not realize this is true because of their beliefs, and that they can live a new truth starting today. Release your attachment to ineffective behaviors.

All behavior and belief is serving or served us in some way.

Choice Point: Examine your present behaviors to see what they bring into your life today.

If your life is presently filled with drama, realize you unconsciously participate in these dramas for some specific reason. Check in and see what the perceived benefit from participation in these roles is. If they are no longer serving you, grow by releasing them today

Behaviors must replace other behaviors; there cannot be a void where behavior once existed.

For many people, becoming aware of this energy block opens their awareness and they make instantaneous shifts. These people act despite old feelings of fear that arise within them. They make a decision and live in the moment with that new decision. Other people chip away at this slowly, taking off a little here and there. That indicates their tolerance for change. There is no right or wrong. Do what you can every day to live your life in a conscious and loving manner.

When you live your life in this way, your experience of life is greatly magnified. As you allow yourself to feel feelings that you had previously attempted to push away, you simultaneously allow a greater experience of life. As you experience and process feelings such as sadness, loss, or grief, you will learn through this process that you can also experience more joy, and ecstasy, and abundance in your life. Paying attention to your internal GPS will help you take the journey that will fill your life with the abundance that you need.

Author's Bio: 

Don Nenninger has spent 20+ years of research and experience designing a life that centers on abundance, energy, vitality, metaphysics and reaches beyond the nearly invisible. He is the author of The 5 Laws of Conscious Living which reveals a proven method of leaving disempowering thoughts and beliefs behind. In doing so, each person has the opportunity for a greater and more vital experience of life.

In addition he is co-creator, along with his wife of the Parents as Coaches: The Family Transformation Program™ and Conscious Communication™. These CD series and workbooks will be available in 2011 and focuses on redefining family relationships by incorporating authentic connection and structure. The program, Conscious Communication™ is designed to remove blame from relationships, replacing it with authentic and deep connection.
He is working with others to incorporate a life he calls practical spirituality. This way of life is not based upon any religion or living a life of societal expectations. Rather, the focus is upon how each of us can truly embrace the life we desire by removing old emotional baggage and developing a new set of empowering beliefs. These beliefs are revealed to us through consciousness and awareness. He has been blessed to work with many people who have made this their focus and has designed ways to present these lessons in condensed multi-media programs which focus on removing emotional and energetic blocks from your life.

He has extensive experience in psychology (Psy. M.) with special emphasis on personal performance, relationships, and self-growth. He has focused his research into what truly motivates people to act in certain ways and how we can use this knowledge to create a wonderful life! He has academic degrees in the fields of human development, sociology, education, and psychology. He is certified nutritionist and nationally ranked participant in the men's pentathlon track and field event.