Sometimes sensitivity and emotions reached such peaks that a statue of Dronacharya made of clay could help Eklavya master the art of archery. When Mira called Lord Krishna the latter would dance with her. Gandhari out of respect for her husband had bandaged her eyes with a strip of cloth and thus her eyes amassed so much power that on merely visualizing her son Duryodhan’s body it got converted into 8 types of metals. At that time curses and boons worked like weapon attacks and invaluable gifts. This was the miracle of sentimental sensitivity. It was looked upon as a fact and it passed every test.

Today only the material world remains. The soul has disappeared. Body and sense merriment are the be all and end all of life. This is the age of tangible proof. Only that is true which is seen by the gross eyes and that which needs time to delve deep into is all false. The soul cannot be seen. God cannot be seen in some particular place and performing various actions and hence for such people God too does not exist.

Material science depends on visible/tangible proof and hence only that much is true for them. There was a time when faith in the existence of consciousness was there but today this belief does not exist because it cannot be proved akin to pressing a button wherein light and fan start functioning. The test for material science is that what is visible and tangible only is true. One advantage of this is that no longer will blind faith exist but the loss is this that ethics, ideals and religious sentiments have been totally disregarded. Hence discipline that helps shine human glory too is virtually overthrown.

As per a new belief man is looked upon as a walking/talking plant. He can also be said to be an animal that can talk. There was a time when animal slaughter was looked upon as inapt and unrighteous but this is not so today. Like bitter gourd and egg plants birds and beasts can be used to make non vegetarian food. Today we do not feel others pain and sorrow and when those who believe only in tangible proof opine that there are more benefits in eating non vegetarian food because it has more proteins why oppose animal slaughter even if it means that the discipline of ethics gets crippled and that sensitivity too rots? The same holds true for other humanity based discipline and self control. The doors of crime opened up simply because it meant that only others will face loss. On the other hand I will benefit immediately. With reference to other arenas beastly behavior rules the roost and on noting the logic and argument given in its favor it seems that unhealthy sex too will not be looked down upon. If birds and animals indulge in free sex why not human beings? In the world of creatures there is no place for righteousness, duty, responsibility, commitment etc then why should only humans get ‘entangled’ in it? When a big fish engulfs a tiny fish, when big sparrows have no guilt while attacking smaller ones, when cheetahs kill weak deer then why would powerful people not harass weak people?

The age of tangible proof and modern material science have given us many basis of augmentation of material comforts, so should anyone doubt its utility value and aptness? If immediate benefits do not accrue via beliefs in the existence of the soul, action, duty, good deeds, spirituality then why accept its ‘bondage’? This is because in the immediate sense we will have to face losses only. As a result powerful people harass and oppress others.

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