September 11, 2001 was the world’s wake up call. After the chaos and confusion, we awoke to the realization that life is a precious gift and that it is our responsibility as a citizen and human being to lead and live our best life.

For most of us, that meant looking at our current state of affairs and recognizing all the changes we needed to make. We often know it is important to change our lives, but do not know where to begin. Change can be easy, really---by changing your thoughts, you change your feelings, and thus change your actions.

In the 21st century, we have better skills to deal with the darkness, and we are more enlightened and aware than ever before in history. Even still, it often has to get darker before it becomes lighter and brighter. But, in the modern world, we do not need to wait until something happens to cause us to change. In fact, you can choose to live a change-oriented, rich, and fulfilling life right now. To transform your life, you need to raise your awareness, practice pro-activity, and live by your vision, purpose, and values.

The good news is that millions of people are consciously working on themselves, actively seeking healing on physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels. Since we are all one, when we heal our self, we heal others, and ultimately heal our planet. Now is the perfect opportunity for you to step up to the plate and make a major contribution to the world. To begin the process, learn about the five steps to life transformation.

The Four Stages of Transformation
Someone once said, “There is nothing about a caterpillar that tells you it’s going to
be a butterfly.” This quote illustrates the change process perfectly. The butterfly represents a thing of great beauty. A butterfly completely transforms itself from a comfortable cocoon into a radiant entity with wings. You are like a beautiful butterfly waiting to be re-born and transformed.

Stage 1: Cocoon

This stage is characterized by feelings of comfort, as you are beginning to awaken to the need to change.
You begin to realize you could be so much more and recognize an error in judgment or dysfunctional pattern (s).

Stage 2: Change

This stage is characterized by feelings of discomfort, as you are beginning to stretch yourself, your abilities, your environment. You may look, feel, and act differently than before.
You experience new ways of being and thinking and have the desire to transform yourself. You may request that spirit assist you and provide you with guidance.

Stage 3: Flight

This stage is characterized by feelings of confidence and courage, as you spread your wings to leave your old home to find a new home.
You now recognize yourself as a beautiful creature, have excitement about future possibilities and you just do it.

Stage 4: Conscious

This stage is characterized by feelings of inner peace and joy, as you remember and realize who you really are.
You now understand that you are a co-creator and possess the power to become whatever you want to be and do whatever you want to do.

Wherever you in this transformation process is perfect, and you can choose to accelerate your growth at any time.

***Based on the workbook, Life Transformation 101: How to make life changes and let your soul be your guide

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Michelle L. Casto AKA Bright Michelle is a woman on a mission. She is here to set souls free from their mind-made prisons so they can decide their destiny and reach their fullest human potential. Throughout her career, this powerhouse of personal transformation has been known as spiritual teacher, author, healer, Guru, Soul Coach, consciousness shifter, Lightworker, and “bright light.”

Her multimedia program, Soul Purpose Accelerator will walk you through the A6 Purpose Process. Bright Michelle recognizes there is a divine spark within every human being that longs to be fully ignited and expressed. Through her company, Everyday Enlightenment, she writes, teaches, coaches, and inspires people to co-create an amazing reality in both their life and business.

Through a revolutionary process called The Destiny Success Process (Awake-Shift-Shine-Succeed), she works with people in groups and individually to build a bridge to their inner self so they can tap into the wisdom of their own souls. Watch for her latest book, The Destiny Decision. Look for “Bright Michelle” on social media and say hello. Soul Purpose Training:

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