The Difficulty of Meditation

Hello Everyone I am Maya,

Today I would like to share my perception of the spiritual path with you – I will be focussing on the conflicts associated with inner transformation to offer a more complete awareness of this pursuit. My view comes from 22 years involvement within the spiritual domain, books I have read, theories I have practiced and contemplated, teachers and students that I have worked with, and my overall observations during this period….
There is much talk about meditation, when you get stressed and go to your doctor for sure they are going to suggest a visit to a psychologist if not meditation or relaxation techniques, and when you get to the psychologist this is what they are going to recommend. Techniques like Vipassana Meditation are growing rapidly in a bid to fill this need.
Vipassana Meditation attempts to induce higher states of awareness through focusing on bodily sensations. It is commonly accepted that through liberating oneself from the body and the constraints of samsara or earthly life, one attains his true inheritance. Thus, different methods will use the technique of focus to draw the participant away from the menial thoughts within their mind, so that they can experience what lies in between thought. This is not an easy ask, even for an experienced meditator, as the thought factory within our mind seems to create an almost impenetrable shield that forbids one from entering this alternate state of awareness.
This is why traditionally, disciples, students, sadhaks have retreated to the mountains to almost reinforce the idea of moving away from the everyday mind, via leaving society. This normally enables people generally to attain to many varied altered states, states of seemingly body-lessness, where everything dissolves and only luminosity, the eternal sky of mind remains. These experiences can be quite wonderful and exhilarating. They reveal firsthand the existence of a plane of existence right within us, or what our inner being is connected to. Like the ocean collapsing into a drop of water, does the reality and fullness of the magnificent Universe of which we are a part comes tumbling in, and draws us out and within its embrace.
Yet, the difficulty then begins of being able to draw down the energy and insight from these experiences into the everyday, and this is where things really start to get tricky. Combine this with the fact that most people these days cannot retreat from the world for longer than normally a week or two at any given time, then things really start to get messy, confusing and chaotic. Thus, it appears that you either have to choose a monastic life, devoted to your spiritual path, move away from society/your family to the Himalaya’s, the ashram of your guru, a commune, the hills, or attempt to maintain your earthly life and seek simply to devote yourself to your meditation pursuits within this confine and boundary. The later normally means that gradually meditative discipline slowly ebbs away as the demands of earthly life, the drama of being here, interferes, takes over, lulls one into lack of motivation and disillusionment.
When you boil it all down, everything is energetic, we are all energy a bubbling mass of vibration, atoms, particles and chemicals. Our thoughts represent these different energies that we may be attuned to, and when you are amidst a seemingly endless array of energies from say a large city, it then becomes difficult to maintain higher vibrations, states of awareness, spiritual experiences, as samsara seeks these energies out, and seeks to dissolve and weaken them. Samsara has weight with us, as Samsara was our past, our today, and to rise above this, to clear the energies from our interaction with the everyday gets more and more difficult as it forces us to look at and understand the million and one energies, atoms lying dormant within us, from our past.
Normally when the meditator comes face to face with this they begin to lose the battle of sustaining consciousness within everyday life, and soon they slowly with age lose momentum, stay clinging to what little they have, or give up in frustration. Thus the tricky aspect of bringing our meditation experience down into our lives overcomes and defeats us. The choice is hard or near impossible, move away from everyone you love and know, move away from your earthly comforts, your history, your past, to seek to digest and enliven meditation within the everyday, or spend the rest of your life, living between two worlds, the world or sanctuary of meditation versus the chaotic confusion of illusion and menacing energies of society.
Being able to embrace and work with our past, our link and connection to earthly life, helps to set us free - learning methods and techniques which help us to directly feel our stored and repressed emotions and experiences help us to open up, empty and receive. But I believe to support this within society, a simple, balanced life must be sought and achieved. I don’t believe that we can work on our inner world, while satisfying every whim and fancy that our overindulged mind throws at us. I think balance, simpleness, quietude and calm are necessary ingredients to harness our spirituality within the everyday chaos of life. I believe it can be done, through extreme groundedness, focus on the inner path, devotion to it and yearning for it, and the discipline and restraint necessary for the attainment of any pursuit.

For techniques to work with within the everyday to assist you to grapple more concertedly with this inner phenomena please visit my site where I scribe for Mother Mary who has brought forward an excellent free resource to support and nourish this inner dedication.
Cheers Maya xx
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Maya’s Bio
Maya has spent the last 14 years studying with an anonymous enlightened teacher who wishes to remain that way, while also investigating and working with a number of other models, teachers, books and theories. The two main theories which have impressed her the most significantly are Osho and Sri Aurobindo. These two philosophies appear to be polar opposites, but have reached a meeting place within Maya, she is extremely grateful for these experiences which have been great blessings on her spiritual path.
Maya has also spent the last 14 years channeling Ascended Masters. She conducted a meditation group in Melbourne in 1997-1999, with occasional workshops during this time and afterwards in different locations. Within this time, Maya gave private channeling sessions, energetic tune ins where she read clients energetic field, what memories, repressed emotions that were held within, and conducted infrequent energetic healings.
Maya then relocated and focused more on her channelled writings. She has channelled much written work since her relocation, and is currently working on a manuscript that she hopes to publish. Within the past 14 years she has worked intensely with her teacher, learning how to open up to energies, practicing specific meditations given by the Ascended Masters to achieve this. As well as with her teacher’s guidance looking at her own repressed memories and emotions, beliefs and fears.
It is a result of this intense inner focus and work that now Maya comes forward with new written information – in the form of a website titled where she hopes to encourage other spiritual seekers to continue to go within so that they too can see the limitation of the mind, and seek to move beyond it.