Now many people would refuse to believe that there are any advantages to mind control power. But I can tell you for a fact that using it properly can get you some awesome results for whatever you want to accomplish in life. Of course you must also understand that it's important that you are the only one to direct mind control power. Do not let anyone else control your mind without your permission.

The subject of mind control power is a subject that was discussed many many years ago. One of the questions asks back then was, "is it possible to get help from higher power, who will guide you and direct you to success? Throughout history, many people have gained such guidance. More than 50 years before Christ was born, the philosopher Cicero said, "No man was ever great without divine inspiration"

Abraham Lincoln, who was President during the civil war and considered by most to be the nation's greatest President, once told a delegation of Southerners, "Sir, my concern is not whether God is on our side; my greatest concern is to be on God's side, for God is always right."

Through history great people have used this theory to accomplish a multitude of successes in their lives. Now the question is, aside from the claims that these people made, is there any kind of scientific evidence that this is really true?

Religion says we must take it on faith. However that was all we had until Jose Silva, while seeking ways to help his children learn to use more of their minds so they would do better in school. Jose found a ways to apply scientific method to the study of the mind and human potential.

Jose explains this when he said that science depends on the repeatable experiment. He said, "If you can replicate your experience - if you can do it again with predictable results - then you have scientific evidence that you are on to something.

There are many stories that Jose Silva told about how his children were not only successful in school but also other friends and people he came in contact with who were also successful in many areas of their life.

After twenty-two years of research, Jose knew that everyone could learn their psyche ability, and if they could achieve a deep level of mind with conscious awareness, and maintain that deep level once they activated their mind, then they could seek and receive guidance from high intelligence.

Eventually he developed the "Silva Mind Control" seminar, which I was fortunate you graduate from in 1985. Today the course is called "Jose Silva's Ultramind ESP System.

I do remember the exciting moments during those classes back then. The most I remembered about them was developing a positive mental attitude to accomplish many successes in my life. The most memorable was my decision to leave a family business after being associated with it for 29 years and moving on to a successful sales career. After a few years association with this sales company I became one of their sales supervisors with a staff of eventually six salesmen managing territories for the mid west to the southwest.

With my Jose Silva training I directed these salesmen in mind control power methods and three of these salesmen became my most successful salesmen. Mind control power is not fake, it's real and can become awesome to use. I have talked to many successful people who use these techniques to become financially fit in their careers.

You can learn more about these mind control techniques by going to my personal development page at my website and checking out Jose Silva’s program

Author's Bio: 

Sonny Julius is a retired senior citizen and a health and wellness researcher and author. He is a strong advocate of alternative and natural healing methods. He has been vigorously researching this subject for over six years and has published it in three different ebooks available on his website at:
Sonny’s plan to do this researching was prompted by the results of a visit to his wife’s oncologist to talk to him about treatment for her diagnosed breast cancer condition. Sonny recommended that she be treated with alternative and natural healing methods. He refused but is wife accepted his recommendations.
After leaving his office that day Sonny vowed to spend the rest of his life researching for alternative and natural methods of healing which he still continues to do to this very day. All the information he has gathered are in included in his ebooks.