- My close observations and beliefs. -

For at least a decade, about 90 percent of people have been coming through our doors to conquer not only a voice repair but, as experience shows, first and foremost, to acquire a new and improved lifestyle…

Our Toronto prominent newspaper, The Toronto Star, once said - “It is not for the faint of heart”. And I would add that it is also not for people who will be expecting change without change, so to speak. If those who are seeking help are not willing to open up and tell us their true story, then it would be very difficult to offer them the lifestyle modification - and thus the successful results of their voice problems and issues.

I’ve said it numerous times that the human voice is an expression of the state of one’s being and the identification of who that person really is… The voice on its own is a “tool” for communication and, needless to say, that if that very “tool” is broken, the communication also suffers a breakdown. Through my thorough observations, I could pinpoint that the women between 50 to 60 years of age are affected the most.

By that time and age, their children had been fully grown, while the span of their marriage reached about two and a half to three decades. Some of their children already had been living on their own and became completely independent. So these women had been left with their spouses, in a manner of speaking, one on one…

Then, after the 25 to 30 years of marriage, it is, all of a sudden, becomes completely apparent that they and their spouse are actually complete strangers. And instead of (at that time) trying to provide comfort and care for one another, they end up getting into arguments and fights with each other. Their attention is no longer “distracted” by taking care of their children. So now, for the first time actually, they are able to see each other’s “skeleton” so to speak.

And then, unfortunately, they come to the realization that both of them are “strangers” to each other. Both, being shocked to such a discovery, suddenly understand that if they continue living with each other in such distress, there will be no happy ending to this relationship.

I also previously written about a very important human organ such as the thyroid, which, according to holistic teaching, represents suppressed emotions. Due to that fact, it also tends to carry a lot of hurt - which was induced throughout all of those arguments and fights.

Suddenly (women mainly), they notice that something is going on with their voice as well as with their throat - which starts to feel tight and dry, producing a crackly, raspy and hoarse voice. Some of those women also experience difficulty swallowing and suffer from pain in their necks. At first, they don’t think anything of it, but when their disturbed voice begins gradually progressing to almost a stutter while becoming lower in volume and really breathy-sounding, they realize that it is time to address the problem.

Naturally, by their physician, they had been addressed to an ENT specialist. Some of them had been diagnosed with Muscle Tension Dysphonia, others with Spasmodic Dysphonia. But, believe it or not, some were told (despite the apparent symptoms) that there was nothing wrong with them and, moreover, that it’s all in their head…?

Needless to say that those sufferers’ symptoms were more than apparent; but looks like some doctors, unless they saw any growth on the vocal anatomy - which they would have been more than happy to operate on - declared the “clean bill of health” to those patients who had no idea what was happening with them, why it was happening to them and, let alone, were completely unaware how to deal with it so they could bring their voices back to normal. It would be great if it was that easy…?

As I had written in my previous blog “The Vocal Science™ Method: Non-Surgical Approach - Holistic Diagnostics”, in cases like this, the holistic approach is a complete must. In order to provide these people with a cure, I need to know the initial underlying cause of their problem(s).

By my observations, the majority of causes had been induced by:

- Their spouses, their parents (via childhood upbringing)

- Their children (who suddenly broke away on their own and
never looked back…

- In some cases, by their employment situations (or the lack of the latter)

- And by many other negative events (still, mainly domestic) situations.

Once I know the history of what’s going on with that particular person in front of me, with their permission and willingness to get better on every level, I begin to work on identifying all of the possible causes which can be present in each particular case. Once my clients’ eyes are completely “wide open”, they begin to see and examine their situation much more clearly.

We all know that knowledge equals confidence. Once those effected women gradually began to learn what went wrong in their personal and/or professional lives, they, in turn, began to feel much more aware; and thus much more confident while concurrently believing in a new approach and a new modality of certain behaviour. Nonetheless, all of the above would have to be adopted and implemented in their everyday lives.
So those individuals’ healing had begun…

To conclude and project forward:

Once all emotional aspects are addressed, the equation between the healthy spirit and the healthy body (whereas the former and the latter are completely interconnected with a healthy voice) will take a successful “lift-off”.

Their lives have now been officially designed, aimed and launched to their altogether “new planet”; and moreover, to their own “universe” - where the sky will become their limit!

Author's Bio: 

Ms. Yampolsky is one of the world's foremost specialists on the topic of the human voice and is the creator of Vocal Science(TM), a unique and truly revolutionary accelerated vocal development technique. It is a holistic and scientific approach to voice mechanics that enables all singers and speakers to reach their full potential in an extremely short period of time. Based in Ontario, Canada, Diana works with a worldwide spectrum of clientele as a Vocal Coach/Consultant, In-Studio Vocal Production Expert, and Non-Surgical Voice Repair Specialist.