Loving our lives is not always evitable. There are days when we hate almost everything around us, we can’t cope with our everyday routines and the demands of ourselves and others. Some days are only about blaming ourselves for the mistakes we have made and others to wonder whether we have made the right choices that lead to the life we have today.
Life is difficult. Life is demanding. And our feelings some days overflow, taking us to miserable and dark paths. We think that these dark feelings are here to stay, and most of the times we feel that this will be our lives forever. Disappointment, self-pity, doubt, and anger. Frustration. Cool emotions that appear only to mislead us from our goal and lead only to self-sabotage.
I don’t know much in life. The only thing I know for sure though is that all this frustration and worry have one answer only. Three magic letters that form a glorious but humble word. Art. Art is the answer, art is the door. Imagine I am the person that thought that art was pointless and I didn’t feel anything regarding art. I guess that’s why I screwed it all up in my life by the age of 30.

Some wonderful people have worked alone on their desks, writing about their lives and worries long before we learned to walk. Some people dedicated their most precious feelings and wrote them down, leaving their magic over time. You have already thought about your favorite authors as you are reading this and I am sure about that. But today, let me get your attention to speak about a very beautiful, plain but gorgeous book I have read recently and made me feel happy to be alive, even the days I hate waking up in the morning.
Jostein Gaarder is a Norwegian author. He spent his first years of self-research in philosophy and literature in Oslo. You may have heard about him because he has written another popular book, “Sophie’s World”. This is the first book that made him known and lovable to many people. It is very easy to love a person that explains in simple words the magic of life and how simplicity in thought make things look, even be better.
“The Orange Girls” is so easy to read. You may finish it even on a weekend. A boy has run into his dad’s letters to him, eleven years after his death. He was only four years old when he died and his only memory was his dad and him on the balcony watching the stars and his dad talking about the magic of life and cosmos. In his letters, his dad is talking about a girl he met in his early years of adolescence. A girl that would always hold oranges in her arms. A beautiful girl that made his heart spark from pure love and desire. A magical girl that made him cry from happiness and the will to live.
What makes this book outstanding is the way it makes you feel the spark of magic through the wonder of the universe and cosmos.
“There is a huge difference between a mirror that shows your face and a telescope that shows you the universe”
Happiness, time, love for others and grief, all in a period of time so short, but when fully lived, enough amount of days to be felt. I don’t want to be a nerd spoiler, even though it is very difficult for me to stop.
I think most of our grief comes from our lack of awareness of where we are. We are the gorgeous result of molecular development for four billion years. We have more in common with elephants, trees, and mushrooms than we think. We have absolutely no idea of what is going on. We are absolutely unaware of the macrocosm and the microcosm we are part of.
What I learned about my psychology is that the days that I spend my time with mental work and research about the infinity, the cosmos, the macrocosm and microcosm, is a thrilling day of happiness even though everything around me is the same as the days that I am depressed. The most pleasant hard work is the work of awareness.
For some people, time is limited and life is sweet. What I know, is that one life is enough when it is consciously lived. And for me, books are doors and the choice I make is the key.

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My name is Efi and I want to be part of the global change. However, we need to be healthy and happy so as to make a global change with a positive impact on the future. I write about life and philosophy. The best part of writing comes in giving a spark of life to my readers with the help of cosmology science. I literally love it.

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