The birth of a new world culture
A new world culture is being born. It is still in the throes of labour, and it is a painful and drawn out birth, but it is happening and the signs are everywhere.
This new world culture is in stark opposition to the old world culture, which is characterized by egoism, greed, lust for power, wars, revenge, killings and bloodshed. The old world culture is one where he, who has power, rules without justice, where intellectual predators grab what they can, where money is king, where corporate greed is evident and where empathy with one´s fellow man is non-existent. In the old world culture the slogan is “it is better to take than to give”. It is this mentality that has created the darkness we have experienced in the last century and are still experiencing, characterized by wars, terrorism, greed and egoism. It is where it is every man for himself.
The new world culture is emerging out of the ruins of the old. From the rubble of the bombed houses the wounded and defeated people crawl forth, only to make it clear to the world that they do not want any more war; that they want to help each other and live in peace.
How do I know that the new world culture will emerge and that it will finally conquer the old? I know for two reasons:
For the last 20 years I have been studying the amazing revelations of Martinus, the Danish visionary and mystic. When he was 30, Martinus achieved cosmic consciousness, which meant that he could see beyond the physical plane into the spiritual plane beyond, where everything has its origin. Martinus had a deep understanding of the laws of life, and he could predict what is to come. And he very clearly predicted the birth of a new world culture characterized by altruism, empathy, oneness, peace, humanitarianism, spirituality, art and universal love.
This new world culture will arise as a logical consequence of the downfall of the old. In this connection it must be emphasized that we do not only live one life, but an endless series of lives. When we have experienced a lot of suffering in one life, based on our egoism, we are reborn with a knowledge that we do not want to repeat those dark and miserable experiences. We are reborn knowing that killing is no good, and we strive to live in peace with all our heart. This is when we turn our backs to war, to the power seekers of the world, to the war lords and the flashy millionaires. This is when we say: enough. This is the first reason why I know.
The second reason I know is that signs of the emerging new world culture are clear to see, even though they are taking place at a grass roots level and are not yet very much in the limelight.

This is evidenced by the following observations:
1. People want to help other people. Where there are conflicts, volunteers flock to the zones to offer their assistance to those in need. Humanitarian organizations are collecting money and sending aid to war zones. Many people cannot live with themselves if they do not offer to help.

2. The formerly so generally accepted idea that we need to eat the flesh of animals to survive is being questioned and abandoned in a number of countries, and it is gaining momentum every day. It is becoming increasingly clear that eating protein from the dead bodies of animals is unnecessary and indeed a serious health risk. Vegetarianism and veganism are growing, as we come to realize that the animals we eat are our fellow beings, and that the industrial meat production is unethical, cruel and unworthy.

3. The exaggerated consumerism is weakening. We are in the process of realizing that we do not need all that ‘stuff’. We do not need 30 t-shirts, 20 shirts, 15 pairs of trousers and 35 pairs of shoes. And we do not need our clothes to be produced under sub-human conditions in third world countries, where the workers slave away under appalling conditions for a pittance. We are realizing that we need less and what we want is products made under decent conditions where the workers are paid a proper salary.

4. A huge process of cleansing is taking place. All over the planet all the ´shit´ is coming to the surface. Corruption is being revealed, fraudulent production methods are being disclosed, politicians are caught with their hands in the cookie jar, the cruelty of the meat industry is revealed and the doubtful methods of the pharmaceutical companies to grow their business are coming to the surface. It is as if ´murder will out´. This is a time of cleansing and of disclosure of everything that is not decent, not OK and not in the best interest of ordinary people.

5. We want to eat food that has been grown without the use of pesticides and poison. The movement for ecology is growing every day, and the sale of organically grown food is fast overtaking the sale of the non-organically grown food.

6. We take our health into our own hands. We no longer put our health into the hands of physicians, but take responsibility for our own wellbeing by choosing a healthy life style, eating vegetables and fruit, drinking less alcohol, being non-smokers, exercising and thinking healthy thoughts.

7. A spiritual awakening is taking place. We no longer want the old, dogmatic religions, but we still want a spiritual aspect in our lives. We have become searching souls, searching for a deeper meaning and a reason why we are here. We want spiritual insight that appeals to our intellect. It is also beginning to dawn on us, that this may not be the only life we live, and that what happens to us is our own karma. We practice yoga and meditate, we seek answers to life´s big questions. Martinus´ work offers us those answers and much more. It appeals to our intellect and once we have become acquainted with it, we know why and how the new world culture will triumph over the old.

In the new world culture, all types of cruelty will have been abandoned. We will live in peace and help and support each other. We live by the slogan “it is better to give than to take”. We practice universal love and we are friends with everybody. The concept of enemy has been abandoned and we know that we are all one.

Author's Bio: 

Else Byskov is a top authority on Martinus, Danish visionary and mystic, author of 5 spiritual books and 2 hiking books, passionate hiker and vegetarian.