Learning Forex trading can be one of the most rewarding ways to generate income. Whilst it has its cynics it is practiced by millions of people and international financial institutions. If you decide to learn through Forex trading training, you must firstly find the right company that will provide this for you. Currently, there are thousands of companies that offer this service and if you don’t look in the right place you may miss out or worse, find a less credible Forex trading training provider. As a result, below is a list of places where you can find the right provider that is relevant to you.

Search Engines

By simply typing in keywords such as ‘Forex trading course’ or ‘Forex trading training’ you are able to find results from companies that offer this service all over the world. However, be careful as there are literally millions of companies around the world that claim to be the best. Have a good look on the company’s website and make a decision whether they are right for you.


There are hundreds of credible business directories on the web that hold contact information and description of various companies that will help you learn Forex trading. They can be either general directories that hold information on a range of different companies from various industry sectors or they can be niche, specialising in the Forex field. From this you can devise a list of companies you wish to contact.


Industry professionals and people who are in the same situation as you constantly contribute to blogs/forums on the web. Whilst some may be fake, some are actually quite genuine and can be used as a good resource of locating the right company.

At the same time, various Forex traders and professionals also contribute to blogs and forums. They tend to write about current market conditions or general training for traders. It is a good idea to read such blog/forum entries and gain a good perspective of the market.

Article websites

Probably, one of the most popular information platforms; article websites are a constant source of information on anything to do with Forex. Whether you are looking for tips on how to learn Forex trading or on a specific strategy, these websites should not be bypassed.

Whichever route you decide to take, you must ensure that you speak to the company you have found in the first instance. If possible, speak to the mentors or ask questions about the syllabus. The information you gain from this will be invaluable in your quest.

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