As the NEW YEAR get under way, we may find ourselves busier than ever. Taking care of our families, employees and clients can become overwhelming and can affect how we interact as a husband and wife in our marriage and business.

In addition to running the daily operation of our growing enterprise, there is payroll to meet, presents to make and/or buy, taxes to prepare, new goals and strategies to develop, new relationships to cultivate and a plethora of emotions to deal with as we seek to make each other happy and carve out some time for intimacy.

To help maintain balance and harmony at home and in the workplace, meditation is an excellent tool to consider if you have an interest in cultivating a healthy mind, heart, body and spirit. As a stress reliever, meditation can help you slow down and relax, reflect and rejuvenate as ONE. It is an energy booster that focuses on the breath.

Making the decision to meditate can be difficult especially if we feel as though it is one more thing on our plate that we have to accomplish. However, stopping to meditate on a daily basis, actually gives the husband wife more time together by giving them the opportunity to connect mentally, emotionally, spiritually and physically.

Implementing a simple eight (8) to ten (10) minute meditation into your daily routine has the potential increase your love with the following results:

 Positivity
 Awareness
 Closeness
Peace of Mind and Spirit
 A Stronger Heart and Soul Connection
 Acceptance
 Patience
 Trust
 Compassion
 Kindness
 Generosity
 Respect
 Laughter
 Joy
 Empathy
 Fun
 Romance
 Clarity
 Vibrancy
 Emotional Stability
 Rational Thinking
 Confidence
 Better Health
 ONEness

Remember, these are some of the benefits that “we” have gotten out of meditation after making it a part of our daily routine for the last 11 years individually and as a couple.

We recognize that every marriage and business owner is different and based on your joint goals for ONEness and what you want to achieve, the results may vary. The key is to co-create your own meditative practice that resonates with who you are as a husband and wife.

If you think meditating together as a couple can be a viable solution to becoming ONE and is a great way to have fun together and can potentially enhance your love as a husband and wife, then we offer the following information for your review and consideration:

“Make Love with Your Eyes” at; Eye Gazing at and watch the Eye Gazing video on

This is a basic example of a meditative practice that a husband and wife can incorporate into their daily routine to help grow love and build intimacy especially during this busy season of transition and change.

If you decide to use this information to “Grow Your Love,” please let us know how it is going. We will love to hear from you.

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About Gary A. and Greta
Married twenty-six (26) years, Gary A. & Greta have intentionally spent the last eleven (11) years co-creating a successful, loving and happy marriage. Using the tools of His Needs/Her Needs by Dr. Willard F. Harvey and the spiritual practice of Tantra, they have co-created a marriage where each partner feels safe and empowered to reach their full potential as a husband and wife.

They are the co-authors of “Ten Spiritual Practices For Co-Creating A Successful Marriage.

They are co-creators of Sensuous Seminars, L.L.C., a Marriage Enhancement Company that provides Marriage, Business and Spiritual Coaching Services, Classes, Workshops, Retreats, Products and Events to Engaged and Married Business Owners who want to Enhance, Strengthen and Nurture the love in their marriage and business.

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