If you have ever exercised in a gymnasium you have probably used dumbbells to do strength training. You may have a dumbbells set laying around your home.

Dumbbells are smaller hand held weights resembling single-piece mini barbells. Dumbbells are available in various weights, beginning with those less than 2 kilos. These are best used throughout aerobic exercises or when using an exercise bike or treadmill. Heavy dumbbells allow you to bodybuild.

Dumbbells are versatile, affordable and easy-to-use weights that allow you to do a range of exercises to enhance your fitness. Based on the weight amount you use, the number of reps you do and the pace at which you work out, they can help you enhance cardiovascular health, build muscles, burn fat or improve muscle endurance for sporting activities.

In this article, we’ll discuss the benefits of using dumbbells for your fitness routine.

Helps Burn More Fat Overall

For beginners, were you aware that frequent strength training using dumbbells, while mixed with the usual cardio workouts, may help burn more fat overall? Actually, one studysuggests that women who included dumbbell training in their exercises a minimum of 3 days a week were able to lose more fat during usual activities, thus allowing them to fulfil their weight and fitness goals more rapidly. This occurs because in addition to the fat you burnt when you were doing a strength training workout, the body also keeps burning extra fat after you finish your workout since more calories are needed to develop muscle than to lose fat.

So, even when you are not really looking to burn fat anymore, strength training or dumbbell workouts makes it simpler to keep your ideal body weight besides improving your muscles.

Helps in Preventing Diseases

There are also several evidences to suggest that frequent strength training with dumbbells can help in preventing some diseases. For instance, women who experienced menopause in the past can lessen their chance of having osteoporosis (which may cause bone fracture and breakage) by doing a dumbbell training workout as suggested by their doctor. Also, dumbbell training has been proven to help keep glucose levels in blood in control for countless people having diabetes.

Improves Balance and Flexibility

Besides helping you keep an ideal weight and prevent some diseases, frequent dumbbell training may also enhance your overall balance, flexibility and coordination at a level that cardio workouts cannot do simply. Many dumbbell training workouts need you to naturally maintain a balanced posture, which eventually helps with coordination and balance. In addition, the included range of activity by many dumbbell training workouts is perfect for improving flexibility.

Protects the Muscles and Bones

Dumbbell training can aid to protect the bones and overall muscle density. Nevertheless, are you aware that after people complete puberty, they slowly start to lose bone mass every year? It is a surprising revelation for most people, however, the good thing is that by using your muscles in workouts frequently (minimum 3 days a week), you may save the bone mass and save the muscles during the process.

Improves your Self-Esteem

Although it’s true that a body-mind relation exists, this is greatly true when someone uses dumbbells (or any kind of workout) to exercise. As dumbbells add resistance to ones’ body, soon this causes your body to get fit and tone rather than building bulk. As “tightness” is what everyone desires from their outlook, soon this becomes a reality and therefore it makes the individual feel good. This in turn develops confidence and provide them with a good feeling about their bodies.

Improves the Metabolic Rate

As exercising with dumbbells will slowly improve your body’s strength while developing muscle and losing calories at a rapid rate, this happens because with dumbbells you lose more fat when compared to callisthenics.

Fast Results

Maybe this one is the biggest benefit of using dumbbells rather than freehand and cardio workouts, and you can merely finish your dumbbell exercises in just an hour and call it a day while burning the similar if not more fat.

Faqs About Dumbbells:

Are dumbbells effective?

Dumbbells are greatly effective to target particular muscles, and can contribute majorly to overall performance and resistance to injury. There are huge values and returns of investment to exercising isolation movements, no matter what your objectives are. Dumbbells can improve muscles at a level you simply cannot do with barbells.

Do dumbbells burn belly fat?

Dumbbell workouts are a great way to burn body fat, including on the stomach. Although you cannot target specifically belly fat, however, losing calories all through your body will also aid you to lose fat on the tummy. Developing muscle and doing dumbbell circuits (probably with hex dumbbells) are greatly effective for burning belly fat.

Do dumbbells build muscle?

Yes, as long as you raise the weight over a period. You can surely build massive bodies with dumbbells, however, you may face a roadblock if you do not keep increasing weight.

Should you use dumbbells every day?

Weight lifting daily is safe as long as you’re giving rest to other muscle types. Split workouts, where you work different muscle types on different days, are ideal for this. In case you don’t, you will have the risk of a plateau or injury.

How long should I use dumbbells for?

If you are a beginner 30 minutes a day is ideal. You can exercise with weights such as a 10 kg dumbbell even longer, however, never over-train your muscle, three workouts per muscle type is enough (advanced). In case you dumbbell train for over 60 minutes you are perhaps doing one of these things – over-training or speaking too much.

Final Words

Regardless of the level you are in your fitness journey, you should keep dumbbells a part of it. Not just they are easy to store and use, dumbbells are comparatively cheap and because they are versatile they can be used for a wide range of exercises. Considering all these dumbbells can be a wise investment for your fitness goals.

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