There is no doubt there are lots and lots of diets out there. Picking the right one for you or one that works can be a little puzzling. Of course, choosing a diet that can do more than just help you lose weight seems to make a great deal of sense. After all, why shouldn’t any diet you adopt have secondary benefits?

The alkaline diet operates around the principle that some foods leave a residue in the body. Much of the concept centers on the fact that foods have pH levels and they can be classified either acid, alkaline or neutral. The theory is that alkaline foods are the best for you.

So how does all of this play out in terms of what one eats? Alkaline foods, such as fruits, vegetables, legumes and nuts, are mostly seen as being positive choices. On the other hand, food selections such as meat, dairy, alcohol and grains, should be avoided. What will likely jump out at you is the fact that once again you are being told to eat your fruits and vegetables and keep your consumption of meat and dairy at a minimum.

Much of the alkaline diet centers on the idea that it is important to avoid consuming too much food that has been proven to be harmful, for example, sugar, caffeine and alcohol. Processed sugar, in particular, is of no value. The argument can be made that moderate alcohol consumption, especially in the form of red wine, can be beneficial to health and caffeine in the form of green tea and to some extent coffee can also be beneficial in limited amounts. However, the same cannot be stated about processed sugar. The bottom line is that any healthy diet should limit processed sugar intake as much as possible.

For those following an alkaline diet, it is important to maintain a blood level that is roughly alkaline. Many people are firm believers that the alkaline diet has the ability to fight off all sorts of diseases and medical problems. Yet, the medical and scientific community has yet to conclusively state this is so. Regardless, however, when one looks at the types of foods that are being promoted by this diet, one fact is clear; they are foods that contribute to good health.

Further, the alkaline diet has the additional benefit of keeping the body’s acid levels in balance. The “typical American diet” tends to be one that is acid forming. Unfortunately, once the body gets too acidic, not only can the digestive system be harmed, but also people are likely to not receive all the necessary nutrients from their foods. On the other hand, fresh fruits and vegetables maintain an alkaline environment in the body and can prevent the eventual use of medications and antacids.

It is important to note that much of what the diet states should be avoided are foods that are processed or involve cultivation. For example, dairy products, grains and increased meat consumption are all a byproduct of civilization. In a very real sense, the alkaline diet encourages us to eat foods that are more in line with our pre-civilization diets.

Keep in mind that an alkaline diet may not be right for you. Before you begin any diet, it is important that you consult with your physician.

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