The Secret of Speed Reading

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This was concocted at Nottingham University, UK by Graham Rawlinson,
PhD in 1976.

The point is to show how you can speed read a lot faster than you think,
and still get the meaning and not lose
comprehension. (Peripheral) See ya, - 11.2010

So What

There two key elements to making you a speed reader. Learn them and you will absolutely 3x (triple) your reading speed, and double your long-term memory.

1. Read with your Peripheral Vision (wide) and not your Foveal (central)
vision. Foveal vision is close reading used for watching TV, playing video games, and viewing movies. You have been taught to read books, articles and reports using this narrow, foveal – central vision.

Wrongo – you need your wide, peripheral vision for reading. It is easy to learn and turns ordinary students into “A” getters – really. It gets you
promotions in your career because you learn quickly and have all the
information at your fingertips.

2. Always, and we mean – always – read holding a pen or a rastermaster (handheld laser pacer) to underline every sentence you read. More later. Reading on your computer, use your Mouse’s cursor (tip) to underline each sentence you read.

What does it take to master?

Answer: persistence and about 15 minutes daily for 21 consecutive days.
After three-weeks, your new speed reading skill goes on autopilot and
becomes a habit. Details exist for executives and students.

Evelyn Wood was my business partner (1907-1995), she created speed
reading and graduated 2-million, including the White House staffs of four
U.S. Presidents: Kennedy-Johnson-Nixon-Carter.

See ya,

copyright © H. Bernard Wechsler, 2010.

Author's Bio: 

Author of Speed Reading For Professionals, published by Barron's.
Business partner of Evelyn Wood (1907-1995)creator of speed reading.
Graduating 2-million, including the White House staffs of four
U.S. Presidents.